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PLEASE READ: All essays are now available in blog format at Wave of Consciousness. This blog was uploaded in 2015, and some essays were slightly revised for the 2015 edition -- these are now the official essays. If you quote or link to any essays, please refer to the blog and not to this website. Thank you.


April Notes (04/05/10)

Audacity of Propaganda, Part II (02/17/10)

Audacity of Propaganda, Part III (02/22/10)

Cinco de Mayo at the Crossroads (07/04/10)

Got a Defective Computer? Part I (12/16/10)

Got a Defective Computer? Part II (12/18/10)

Got a Defective Computer? Part III (12/20/10)

Immigration Law in Arizona and Mexico (05/24/10)

Insight into Obama (06/17/10)

Last Essay (12/01/10)

'Many Mansions' (06/24/10)

Public Schools and Narcissism (03/15/10)

Public Schools and Rage (03/22/10)


12 Books for Conservative Social Workers (09/11/09)

Audacity of Propaganda, Part I (commentary on a speech by Anita Dunn - 11/13/09)

Decoding Political Talk (02/09/09)

Empathy and the Judicial System, Part I (07/20/09)

Empathy and the Judicial System, Part II (08/03/09)

Empathy and the Judicial System, Part III (08/17/09)

Let's Be Vigilant Regarding Homegrown Terrorists (11/30/09)

March Notes (03/16/09)

Mexico, Drug Addiction, and the Brain (08/10/09)

Mrs. Obama's Handbag (07/13/09)

No National Day of Prayer at Nation's Capital (05/11/09)

Notre Dame ou Notre President (06/01/09)

Obamacentric Lesson Plan (09/04/09)

Obama Speaks in Cairo (06/17/09)

Obama Speaks in Strasbourg (04/13/09)

Older But Not Wiser Republicans (05/07/09)

Post-Iraq Views of the New Year, Part I (01/01/09)

Post-Iraq Views of the New Year, Part II (01/12/09)

Post-Iraq Views of the New Year, Part III (01/19/09)

Post-Iraq Views of the New Year, Part IV (01/28/09)

Tony Blair Is Not the Antichrist (07/02/09)

Townhall Meeting with Senator McCain (11/16/09)

Welcome Home, Journalists (08/05/09)


4 Ways to Confront a False Accusation (04/07/08)

50 Reasons to Vote in 2008 (10/20/08)

A Fleeting Political Movement, Part I (11/27/08)

A Fleeting Political Movement, Part II (12/01/08)

A Fleeting Political Movement, Part III (12/04/08)

All Votes Have Been Cast (11/05/08)

Americans Angry at America (03/24/08)

Audacity of Censorship, Part I (05/21/08)

Audacity of Censorship, Part II (11/03/08)

Behind the Times (commentary on Reverend Wright's speech to the N.A.A.C.P. - 04/28/08)

Black Church as Sociopolitical Community (05/05/08)

Civil Rights' Empty Nest (03/17/08)

Every Child Should Speak English, Part I (07/17/08)

Every Child Should Speak English, Part II (07/21/08)

Everyone Needs a Friend Like Her (06/09/08)

Fourth Graders Are Learners, But Still Kids (09/08/08)

Freud Deserves Respect (includes definitions of Basic Defense Mechanisms - 02/04/08)

G.D. the Drug Dealer (commentary on Reverend Wright's sermons - 03/28/08)

Got Floppy Disks? (06/16/08)

Grassroots Narcissists (02/22/08)

Hatred Complex and Self-Hatred Sequence (01/07/08)

Hester, Constance, and Sarah (11/17/08)

How the Democratic Convention Constructs Meaning (08/26/08)

How the Republican Convention Constructs Meaning (09/05/08)

Languages in America: Legislation and Costs (03/10/08)

Memorial Day (05/26/08)

Mexico's Cultural Imperialism (05/19/08)

N.A.S.W. Endorses Obama (09/10/08)

Nothing to Do (02/11/08)

People and Campaign: Democrats, Republicans, Independents (05/26/08)

Personality and Campaign: Obama, Clinton, Hunter (01/14/08)

Quilters Own the World (06/23/08)

Rebuilding the American Educational Process, Part I (08/04/08)

Rebuilding the American Educational Process, Part II (08/11/08)

Rebuilding the American Educational Process, Part III (08/18/08)

Refocusing Civil Rights (01/28/08)

Regrouping for the New Year (essay on the Bhutto assassination - 01/01/08)

September Notes (09/22/08)

She's Human, Like the Rest of Us (09/15/08)

Social Workers in Loan Debt (05/12/08)

Vodka Solves Nothing (essay on the Absolut Vodka advertisement in Mexico - 04/14/08)

Yes, I Can and I Will (02/25/08)


13 Steps for Difficult Decision-Making (11/05/07)

15 Goals of American Education (09/03/07)

Art and Heresy (04/04/07)

August Notes (08/06/07)

Calling for the Resignation of Cardinal Mahony (07/18/07)

Childless Women (01/22/07)

Delusion and Worship (08/24/07)

Election Year 2004: Where It Went Wrong (09/10/08)

Failure of Immigration Reform (07/02/07)

Illegal Immigration as a Social Problem, Part I (essay on the amnesty slogans - 05/30/07)

Illegal Immigration as a Social Problem, Part II (commentary on a speech by Cardinal Mahony - 06/04/07)

Loss of Innocence (05/25/07)

Political Narcissists, Part I (04/16/07)

Political Narcissists, Part II (04/16/07)

Political Narcissists, Part III (04/16/07)

Queen Visits Jamestown (05/07/07)

Raid in Portland (06/18/07)

Should Atheists Attend A.A? (07/17/07)

Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse (08/15/07)

Societal Versus Political Divisions (06/11/07)

Subjective Feeling of Citizenship (06/14/07)

Thanksgiving Day Means Unity (11/23/07)

We Do Not All Worship the Same God (10/29/07)

Writer's Trash File (06/21/07)

Writing Is Like Walking Down a Dark Street (07/09/07)

Writing without Plagiarizing (11/12/07)


An Hour at a Time (12/18/06)

A Routine Is Liberating (11/20/06)

Bully Is Executed (essay on Saddam Hussein - 12/31/06)

Bully Is Killed (essay on Abu Murab Al-Zarqawi - 06/12/06)

C.E.U.'s and M.S.W.'s (05/22/06)

'Deeper Than Color' (essay on Gordon Parks - 06/05/06)

Earth, Sun, and Rocks (12/04/06)

Essay No. 100 (03/06/06)

Fourth of July (07/03/06)

Grammar with Ketchup (01/23/06)

How Much Is One Life Worth? (08/14/06)

Kindness of Strangers (02/06/06)

Old Guitars for the Young at Heart (10/16/06)

Practicing Therapy without a License: The Right to Work? (07/24/06)

Professional Perpetrators (11/06/06)

Random Associations (09/04/06)

Reading Lists (06/19/06)

Response to Marcos Aguilar (06/08/06)

Response to Michael Bloomberg (essay on New York City immigrants - 08/07/06)

Riddles (03/20/06)

School Principal Walks Out (04/10/06)

Spanish Language National Anthem (05/04/06)

Stay in School (04/03/06)

Students Fail Exam, But Could Graduate (05/15/06)

Students Get Credit for Marching (04/17/06)

Taking Sick Days (10/02/06)

Three Wishes for the New Year (01/02/06)


American Documents for Social Work Study (list of 55 documents - 05/02/05)

American Novels for Social Work Study (brief summary of 8 novels - 07/04/05)

Behavior Patterns (12/05/05)

December Notes (12/19/05)

Disaster Resources for Mental Health Workers (09/05/05)

Doers of the Word (02/07/05)

'Farewell Applause' (essay on Pope John Paul II - 04/04/05)

Guilty Pilots Are Sentenced, Part I (08/01/05)

Guilty Pilots Are Sentenced, Part II (08/15/05)

Jordan: A Lesson in Vigilance (11/12/05)

My Books, Mine (06/06/05)

New Orleans and Social Welfare (11/07/05)

Patient, Client, Consumer (03/07/05)

Self-Renewal in the New Year (01/03/05)

Terrorist Soft Theory (07/22/05)

Thank You to the World (10/03/05)

Westminster Bridge, July 7, 2005 (essay on the London bombings - 07/13/05)


Art, Decency, and Money (02/02/04)

Bringing Out the Best in People (03/08/04)

Character Counts When Voting (11/01/04)

Christmas People (12/24/04)

Could 9/11 Happen Again? (01/12/04)

Election Year 2004: Reaction to 2001 (04/12/04)

Election Year 2004: Scars of Vietnam (05/24/04)

Essay No. 50 (essay on why I write essays - 01/05/04)

Essay No. 64 (06/21/04)

Essay No. 78 (12/06/04)

Free Publications for Mental Health Workers (05/03/04)

Giving Up Is Not a Social Work Option (10/04/04)

Her Job Evaluation Zone (#6 in the Zone fiction series - 07/05/04)

Her Job Resignation Zone (#7 in the Zone fiction series - 07/19/04)

Holiday Zone (#8 in the Zone fiction series - 11/08/04)

Nation of Neighbors (01/19/04)

Office Romance (10/18/04)

Pop Quiz for Social Workers (08/16/04)

Really American, Part I (09/06/04)

Really American, Part II (09/13/04)

Really American, Part III (09/20/04)

Really American, Part IV (09/27/04)

Should Therapists Be in Therapy? Part I (03/22/04)

Should Therapists Be in Therapy? Part II (04/05/04)

Should Therapists Be in Therapy? Part III (04/19/04)

Sober Work Zone (#9 in the Zone fiction series - 11/22/04)

That's Your Opinion (08/02/04)

Trust and Credibility (03/01/04)

Violation of Probation (02/16/04)

Yard Sales: Axis of the Economy (06/07/04)


Bully Is Captured (essay on Saddam Hussein - 12/15/03)

D.S.M: Color It 52 Years Old (04/07/03)

Her Social Worker Zone (#1 in the Zone fiction series - 01/06/03)

Job Interview Zone (#2 in the Zone fiction series - 07/07/03)

Lost Dreams, Part I (08/11/03)

Lost Dreams, Part II (08/18/03)

Meet Me Halfway (10/06/03)

No Generic People (02/03/03)

Order in the Court Zone (#3 in the Zone fiction series - 11/03/03)

Potato Zone (#4 in the Zone fiction series - 11/17/03)

Recovery Czars, Part I (05/12/03)

Recovery Czars, Part II (05/19/03)

Recovery Czars, Part III (06/02/03)

Therapy-Mart Zone (#5 in the Zone fiction series - 12/01/03)

Two Years After the Attack (09/01/03)

Valentine's Day (02/17/03)

When Patients Quit (03/03/03)


After the Crisis (02/04/02)

Beyond Comprehension (02/18/02)

Bright Constellation (05/20/02)

Cheaper Than Therapy (11/04/02)

Cipro Needs a Remedy, Part I (01/07/02)

Cipro Needs a Remedy, Part II (01/21/02)

Columbus Day to Halloween (10/21/02)

Dentistry with Social Work Impressions (06/03/02)

Is Society Outraged? (07/15/02)

Library Cards and Equality (07/01/02)

Miracle or Rescue: They Were Saved (07/29/02)

My Car Was Abducted by Space Aliens (05/27/02)

Quest for True Americana, Part I (essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson - 09/02/02)

Quest for True Americana, Part II (essay on Carl Rogers - 09/09/02)

Quest for True Americana, Part III (essay on Martin Luther King, Jr. - 09/16/02)

Response to Abdal-Hakim Murad (04/15/02)

Response to S.M. Atif Imtiaz (05/06/02)

Should Leaders Apologize? (04/01/02)

Sydney Poitier Modality (06/17/02)

Taking a Therapeutic Stand (11/18/02)

Therapy and Cigarettes (08/05/02)

Twin Towers of Italy (03/18/02)

When You Don't Like a Patient (10/07/02)

Win the War on Terrorism Forever (03/04/02)

Yard Sale Sensibility (12/02/02)

Ye Olde Social Worker (08/19/02)


Anthrax Better Than Alcoholism? (10/15/01)

Life Is Short (11/19/01)

Social Work Success (10/01/01)

Tale of Two Churches, One City (12/17/01)

Why Ask Why? (12/03/01)

World Series 2001 (11/05/01)

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