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(Essays 001-150, written 2001-2007)

15 Goals of American Education
<<>>If you are teacher and want lesson plans on Longfellow, try:
1.) Life and Times of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, [WWW document] URL
<<>>If you would like more precise details on Paul Revere, try:
2.) "The Midnight Ride," from The Paul Revere House website, [WWW document] URL
<<>>The following publication on Longfellows's works contains a brief but informative introduction:
3.) The Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, with an introduction by Albert Glover. Published by The Wordsworth Poetry Library, 1994, ISBN 1-85326-422-9. See pp. v-viii, 348.
<<>>If you are concerned about the teaching of civics in schools, try:
4.) Center for Civic Education, Papers and Speeches, [WWW document] URL
<<>>The Mike Huckabee quotation is taken from:
5.) "Contender?" by Brian M. Carney, 08/18/07, in the Opinion Journal, [WWW document] URL
<<>>For a statement on education by Mike Huckabee:
6.) "Issues: Education and the Arts," from the Mike Huckabee for President website, [WWW document] URL

After the Crisis

1.) "Crisis and Confidence at Ground Zero," by Charles Fishman, in Fast Company magazine, #53, December 2001, G+J USA Publishing. See pp. 109-113.

American Documents for Social Work Study

1.) 100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives, foreword by Michael Bescholss. Published by Galahad Books, 1992, ISBN: 0-19-7206-X.
2.) AMDOCS, Documents for the Study of American History, [WWW document] URL
3.) Ronald Reagan Foundation, Speeches, [WWW document] URL
<<>>Since writing this essay, I have found another listing that nicely compliments AMDOCS (#2 above) as well as today's essay:
4.) Historic Documents, from the Patriot Post website, [WWW document] URL (this Bibliography Note was added on 05/21/08).

American Novels for Social Work Study

1.) Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya. Published by Warner Books, 1994. Quotation is from p. 249.
2.) Breathing Lessons, by Anne Tyler. Published by Knopf, 1988. Quotation is from pp. 74, 75.
3.) The Dollmaker, by Harriette Arnow. Published by Avon Books, 1972. Quotation is from p. 169.
4.) The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan. Published by Ivy Books, 1989. Quotation is from p. 105.
5.) The Learning Tree, by Gordon Parks. Published by A Fawcett Crest Book, 1963. Quotation is from pp. 65, 66.
5.) Maggie, A Girl of the Streets, by Stephen Crane. Published by Signet Classic, 1991. Quotation is from p. 68.
7.) Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser. Published by Penguin Books, 1994. Quotation is from p. 229.
8.) To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Published by Warner Books, 1960. Quotation is from p. 221.

An Hour at a Time

1.) "What Characterizes an Effective Teacher?" This is an interview with education psychologist, Barak Rosenshine, as conducted by George A. Clowes. From the Heartland Institute website, [WWW document] URL

Anthrax Better Than Alcoholism?

<<>>Articles in the Arizona Republic newspaper:
1.) "A-word is sure soaking up a lot of ink and airtime," by David Leibowitz, 10/21/01;
2.) "Anthrax anxiety triggering bouts of mass hysteria," 10/27/01.

Art and Heresy

1.) "Chocolate Jesus Exhibit Cancelled After Uproar," 03/30/07, MSNBC, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Chocolate Jesus Stirs Bitter Controversy,", accessed 03/30/07, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Display of Controversial Chocolate 'Jesus Sculputure' Cancelled," 03/30/07, FOX News, [WWW document] URL,2933,262602,00.html
<<>>The artist's website displays a full frontal photo of the sculpture, as well as photos of other sculptures. I do not recommend viewing of the sculpture for under-aged persons. Since I have quoted the artist in my essay, I am obligated to list my source.
4.) Cosimo Cavallaro, [WWW document] URL

Art, Decency, and Money

1.) "Student Reinstated from Suspension for Saying 'God bless,'" by Sarah Pollack, from CBN News, [WWW document] URL
2.) "President Bush Requests $18 Million Budget Increase for National Endowment for the Arts, Largest Since 1984," from the N.E.A. News Room, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Man in the Middle," by Jerry Saltz, in the Village Voice, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Comments on Andreas Serrano by Members of the United States Senate," [WWW document] URL
5.) "National Endowment for the Arts," from the Jeremiah Project website, [WWW document] URL
6.) "Hillary Steps into Dung Art Row," from BBC News, [WWW document] URL
7.) "Piss Christ exhibition 97.4," from Arts Law, The Arts Law Center of Australia, [WWW document] URL
9.)"Piss Christ," from the Art Crime website, [WWW document] URL
10.) "The Holy Virgin Mary," from the Art Crime website, [WWW document] URL
11.) "Civil Society/1999: 'The Holy Virgin Mary' Defaced," [WWW document] URL
12.) "Comments on Andres Serrano by Members of the United States Congress," [WWW document] URL
13.) "Sensation and Endurance," Sermon for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, by Nabil A. Hanna, Presbyter, St.George Orthodox Church, Indianapolis, [WWW document] URL

Behavior Patterns

1.) "Closing Arguments," Court T.V. television program, hosted by Nancy Grace, the 11/17/05 episode.
2.) "Suspect arrested in Florida missing girl case," from, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Guilty on all 3 counts in child's murder," from Center, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Jury recommends Joseph Smith death penalty for killing 11-year-old girl," by John Springer, 12/01/05, from the Court T.V. website, [WWW document] URL
5.) Bloom's Taxonomy: Sample Questions, [WWW document] URL
<<>> For full coverage of the Carlie Brucia case, try:
6.) [WWW document] URL

Beyond Comprehension

1.) Bible story on the Massacre of the Innocents is from The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 2 (King James Version).
2.) "Murderer strangles nun in sex attack," 12/17/01, Irish News Online, [WWW document] URL (This article is now available only for Irish News Online subscribers.)
<<>>If you are interested, there are also follow-up articles:
3.) "Man (19) accused of nun's murder," 12/20/01;
4.) "Bishop in tribute to murdered sister (68)," 12/20/01;
5.) "Murderer of elderly nun sentenced to life in jail," 07/15/03;
6.) "Tribute to a gentle friend," 07/15/03.
(All articles are available in the Irish News Online for subscribers.)

Bright Constellation

1.) American flag information is from [WWW document] URL
2.) American Institute of Graphic Arts is at [WWW document] URL

Bully Is Captured

<<>>Quotations are taken from:
1.) The 10 Downing Street website, [WWW document] URL
2.) "World leaders and activists welcome news of Saddam's capture," 12/14/03, in the San Francisco Chronicle, [WWW document] URL international0804EST0467.DTL
3.) "Blair: Saddam's Capture a Triumph for Muslims," in Reuters, 12/14/03, [WWW document] URL;jsessionid=RHRVK0WHOBFUQCRBAE0CFEY? type=worldNews&storyID=3988934

Calling for the Resignation of Cardinal Mahony

1.) "A Cardinal's Shameless Struggle for Survival," by Jason Berry, 07/18/07, in the Boston Globe, [WWW document] URL 2007/07/18/a_cardinals_shameless_struggle_for_survival/?p1=MEWell_Pos2
2.) "L.A. Cardinal Apologizes to Abuse Victims," by Gillian Flaccus, 07/16/07, My Way News, [WWW document] URL
3.) "The L.A. Catholic Archdiocese Settlement of Sexual Abuse Cases," CNN Larry King Live Transcript, aired 07/16/07, [WWW document] URL lkl.01.html
4.) Roman Catholic Blog, see entry dated July 16, 2007, "Cardinal Mahony's Apology," [WWW document] URL
5.) "Statement On Global Settlement Of Outstanding Civil Lawsuits," 07/16/07, from the website of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, [WWW document] URL php?newsid=909
6.) "Statement Of Cardinal Roger Mahony Following Superior Court Settlement Meeting," 07/16/07, from the website of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, [WWW document] URL
<<>> For those interested in spiritual recovery from sexual abuse, the following website provides a reading list:
7.) Mary's Hope, [WWW document] URL

Character Counts When Voting

1.) Character Counts website, [WWW document] URL

Childless Women

1.) "Boxer's Low Blow," 01/12/07, in the New York Post, [WWW document] URL blow_editorials_.htm?page=0
2.) "Boxer's Personal Hit on Condi," by Debra Saunders, 01/16/07, in the San Francisco Chronicle, [WWW document] URL
3.) "When It Comes to Condi, 'Progressives' Suspend Normal Decency," by James Lileks, 01/17/07, Newhouse News Service, [WWW document] URL,-progressives-suspend-normal- decency-4.html
4.) "Empathy," (several definitions and a discussion), Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, [WWW document] URL
5.) "Celebrity/Notable Childfrees,", [WWW document] URL
6.) "Famous Childless Women," a Listmania by Jeffrey Mingo, accessed at, [WWW document] URL
7.) "Were Barren Women Used by God Even Though They Were Considered Cursed? What Is the Biblical View of Being Barren?" by Charlotte Grantham, Bible, [WWW document] URL
<<>>For previous remarks by Boxer directed toward Rice, try:
8.) "Why the Crass Remarks about Rice?" by Colbert I. King, 01/22/05, in the Washington Post, [WWW document]
9.) "Transcript of Remarks between Boxer and Rice," 01/19/05, in the San Francisco Chronicle, [WWW document] URL DTL&type=print

Cipro Needs a Remedy, Part I and Part II

1.) "Bayer in Mexico," by Mr. Georg Braunleder, from the Bayer website, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Bayer, HHS Complete Cipro Agreement: Americans Assured of Ample Supplies of Cipro To Combat War on Bioterrorism," in News from Bayer Pharmaceutical Division, North America, from the Bayer Pharmaceutical Division website, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Expertise with Responsibility," from the Bayer Group website, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Prescribing Information," from the CiproUSA website, [WWW document] URL
5.) "Using Antibiotics Appropriately To Combat Bioterrorism," from the CiproUSA website, [WWW document] URL
6.) "FDA Approves Ciprofloxacin for Victims of Anthrax Inhalation," from the CiproUSA website, [WWW document] URL
7.) "You Can Count On Us," from the CiproUSA website, [WWW document] URL
8.) FDA Talk Paper: "Approval of Cipro® for Use After Exposure to Inhalational Anthrax," from the Food and Drug Administration website, [WWW document] URL
9.) FDA Talk Paper: "FDA Issues Cyber-Letters to Web Sites Selling Unapproved Foreign Ciprofloxacin," from the Food and Drug Administration website, [WWW document] URL
10.) FTC Consumer Alert: "Offers to Treat Biological Threats: What You Need to Know," from the Federal Trade Commission website, [WWW document] URL
11.) "FTC Cracks down on Marketers of Bogus Bioterrorism Defense Products," from the Federal Trade Commission website, [WWW document] URL
12.) "HHS, Bayer Agree to Cipro Purchase," from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website, [WWW document] URL
13.) For a paper on how citizens cooperate with each other in catastrophe: "Bioterrorism and the People: How to Vaccinate a City against Panic," by Thomas A. Glass and Monica Schoch-Spana, copyrighted by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, accessed at [WWW document] URL
<<>>Articles in Wired magazine, December 2001, The Condé Nast Publications, Inc:
14.) "A Shock to the System," by John Browning;
15.) "Divided We Stand," by Oliver Morton;
16.) "Fighting the Network War," by John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt.

Could 9/11 Happen Again?

1.) "Heathrow terror puzzle," in the Guardian, [WWW document] URL,7445,1115444,00.html
2.) "One bomber I.D.'d in Pakistan assassination try," from MSNBC News, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Navy Makes Persian Gulf Drug Bust," from CBS News, [WWW document] URL
4.) The information on Oliver North was heard on television show, On the Record, in a Greta van Susteren interview, but I was not able to find reference to it on her website.
5.) "U.S. Visitors Fingerprinted," compiled by the Weekly News Update on the Americas, [WWW document] URL
6.) "World Trade Center bombing," from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, [WWW document] URL
7.) "U.S. official sees similarities between U.S.S. Cole blast and embassy attacks," from CNN, [WWW document]
8.) "2004 Ambassadors Forum on International Cooperation in Combating Terrorism," from C-Span-2, [WWW document] URL Security&CatCodePairs=Issue,DESE;
9.) "President Signs Iraq Resolution," [WWW document] URL
10.) "Remarks by the President to Students and Faculty at National Defense University," [WWW document] URL
11.) "President Bush Announces Major Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended," [WWW document] URL
12.) "Dr. Condoleezza Rice Discusses President's National Security Strategy," [WWW document] URL
13.) "Clinton believes Iraq had weapons of mass destruction: Portugal PM," in Yahoo News, [WWW document] URL
14.) "U.S. still investigating reports that W.M.D. were shipped out of Iraq," in the World Tribune, [WWW document] URL
15.) "U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Approach 500," in My Way News, [WWW document] URL
<<>>Since writing this essay, an article has become available which states: that in February 2007, equipment headed for Syria was intercepted and that this equipment was capable of testing ballistic missile components; also, that Syria had built a nuclear reactor with help from North Korea and that Israel destroyed this reactor in an air-strike.
16.) "Syria-bound Missle Components Intercepted, Claims U.S.," 05/29/08, in the Telegraph newspaper (U.K.), [WWW document] URL Syria-bound-missile-components-intercepted,-claims-US.html (this Bibliography Note was added on 05/31/08).
17.) "What Is Assad Hiding in His Backyard?" by Avi Scharf, 05/30/10,, [WWW document] URL backyard-1.292935
18.) "Obama's DNI Choice Believes Syrians Have Saddam's WMD?" by Ed Morrissey, 06/05/10, [WWW document] URL syrians-have-saddams-wmd

'Deeper Than Color'

<<>>Websites on Gordon Parks:
1.) Films and Photography of Gordon Parks, Sr., New York State Writers Institute, [WWW document] URL
2.) Gordon Parks, IMDb (Internet Movie Database, Inc.), [WWW document] URL
3.) Gordon Parks, Webstie by Sharisee L. Foster, [WWW document] URL
4.) Gordon Parks: A Kansas Portrait, Kansas State Historical Society, [WWW document] URL
5.) Gordon Parks Collection, Leonard H. Axe Library, [WWW document] URL
6.) "Half Past Autumn," Online News Hour Transcript (January 6, 1998), [WWW document] URL
<<>>Articles on Gordon Parks' death:
7.) "Filmmaker Gordon Parks Dies at 93," by Polly Anderson, 03/08/06, in the San Francisco Chronicle, [WWW document] URL e161819S02.DTL&
8.) "Multitalented Artist Gordon Parks Dies at 93," from NPR, [WWW document] URL
9.) "Photographer, director, Gordon Parks dies at 93," from, [WWW document] URL
10.) "Renowned Photographer Gordon Parks Dies," in the Witchita Eagle, [WWW document] URL
<<>>Articles on Dana Reeve's death:
11.) "Cancer Claims Life of Christopher Reeve's Widow," from, [WWW document] URL
12.) "Dana Reeve Dies," in the Herald Sun (AU), [WWW document] URL,5478,18395856%5E2902,00.html
13.) "Dana Reeve Dies at Age 44," from Back Stage News, [WWW document] URL vnu_content_id=1002117061
14.) "Reeve's Death Leaves a Hole in the World," in USA Today, [WWW document] URL
<<>> Article on Christopher Reeve's death:
15.) "Christopher Reeve dies at 52," from, [WWW document] URL
<<>> Also of interest:
16.) Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center, [WWW document] URL

Delusion and Worship

1.) "Pray to Allah, Dutch Bishop Suggests," 08/14/07, Catholic World News, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Roman Catholic Bishop Wants Everyone to Call God 'Allah,'" 08/16/07, Fox News, [WWW document] URL,2933,293394,00.html
3.) "Allah Takes Over Catholic Church," by Paul Belien, 05/07/06, the Brussels Journal, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Evangelicals Join Interfaith Effort to Write Rules for Conversion," 08/16/07, the New York Times, [WWW document] URL
<<>>Since writing this essay, the following article has become available:
5.) "Schoolboys Disciplined for 'Refusing to Pray to Allah,'" by Nick Britten, 05/07/08, in the Telegraph (U.K.), [WWW document] URL 'refusing-to-pray-to-Allah.html
6.) "Protestant Islam," by Mohammed Al-Abassi, Masud Ahmed Khan website, [WWW document] URL

Dentistry with Social Work Impressions

1.) "Better Teeth Through Biochemistry," by Charles Graeber, in Wired magazine, June 2002, The Condé Nast Publications, Inc. See p. 42.

Doers of the Word

1.) Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, [WWW document] URL
2.) Philadelphia Biblical University, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, [WWW document]
3.) Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints, Moscow Patriarchate, [WWW document]

D.S.M: Color It 52 Years Old

1.) D.S.M.-IV-TR 2000: Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders. Published by the American Psychiatric Association, July 2000. ISBN: 0890420246.

Election Year 2004: Reaction to 2001

1.) "Repressing 9/11," by Lee Harris, in Tech Central Station, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Over-Humanizing the Enemy," by Dr. Helen Smith, in Tech Central Station, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Would F.D.R. Run Those 9/11 Ads?" by David S. Broder, in the Washington Post, [WWW document] URL

Essay No. 100

1.) "Social Workers in Elected Office," N.A.S.W. [WWW document] URL
2.) "Why Social Workers Should Run for Office," N.A.S.W. [WWW document] URL
<<>> For an article on individual rights, try:
3.) "When we sanctify cultures, we get group-think," by Irshad Manji, originally published in the Independent (U.K.), 10/26/05, accessed from the Muslim Refusenik website, [WWW document] URL
<<>> If you are interested in national mottoes and symbols, try:
4.) The Great Seal of the United States, [WWW document] URL
5.) The E Pluribus Unum Project, Assumption College, Worcester, MA [WWW document] URL
<<>> For articles about liberals who became conservatives, try:
6.) "The Making of a 9/11 Republican," by Cinnamon Stillwell, 02/24/04, in the San Francisco Chronicle, [WWW document] URL
7.) "I'd Rather Be Right," by David Gutmann, 11/25/05, in Front Page Magazine, [WWW document] URL
8.) "Confession of a Crypto-Conservative Woman," 12/08/05, in the American Thinker, [WWW document] URL
<<>>Since writing this essay I have acquired another related article:
9.) "Why I Left the Left," by Seth Swirsky, 06/15/06, in Real Clear Politics, [WWW document] URL
<<>> For an example of breaking out of packaged politics, try:
10.) "Sen. Lieberman's Integrity," 12/08/05, in The Day (newspaper from New London, CT), [WWW document] URL 19D291CB008C
11.) "Lieberman vs. the Left," by Barry Casselman, 12/19/05, in the Washington Times, [WWW document] URL AR2005122001011.html
13.) The Martha Coakley quotation is from the Washington Times, 01/14/10, [WWW document] URL devout-catholics-probably-shouldnt-/

Fourth of July

1.) The Faber Book of America, Edited by Christopher Ricks and William L. Vance. Published by Faber and Faber, 1992, ISBN: 0-571-14405-5. Excerpts are quoted from pages 110, 146, 155, 158, 193, 202, 292, 339, 340, 362, 382, 383.

Grammar with Ketchup

<<>>These are textbooks on which I depend for my writing needs:
1.) A Manual for Writers, by Kate L. Turabian. Published by The University of Chicago Press, 1967, Third Edition Revised, ISBN: 0-226-81619-4. For information on creating unique bibliographies, see p. 66.
2.) The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White. Published by Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1979, Third Edition, IBSN: 0-02-418190-0.
3.) The Little, Brown Handbook, by H. Ramsey Fowler and Jane E. Aaron. Published by Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc., 1998, Seventh Edition, ISBN: 0-321-01216-X.
4.) Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan. Published by Oxford University Press, 1995, Second Edition, ISBN: 0-19-431197-X. For information on the use of their, they, them for the singular indefinite person, see p. 528.
5.) The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper. Published by St. Martin's Press, Inc., 1991, Short Third Edition, ISBN: 0-312-03494-6.
6.) Student's Guide, by Kate L. Turabian. Published by The University of Chicago Press, 1976, Third Edition, ISBN: 0-226-81622-2.
<<>>This book is helpful for its correct grammar and for examples of how to use social work jargon:
7.) The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, by Irvin D. Yalom. Published by Basic Books, 1995, Fourth Edition, ISBN: 0465084486.

Guilty Pilots Are Sentenced, Part I and Part II

1.) "Closing Arguments," Court T.V. television program, hosted by Nancy Grace, the 07/22/05 episode.
2.) "2 Ex-Pilots Guilty Of Flying Drunk," from CBS News, 06/08/05, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Pilots Guilty Of Operating Jet While Drunk," from Airwise News, 06/12/05, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Alcohol, Drug Violations Rare Among Airline Employees, FAA Says," 2002, in USA Today, [WWW document] URL
5.) "Pilots Guilty Of Being Drunk in Cockpit," by Curt Anderson, from ABC News, 06/09/05, [WWW document] URL

Her Job Resignation Zone

1.) Aristotle quotation is from Quote World, [WWW document] URL

How Much Is One Life Worth?

1.) "Authorities charge man in Arizona SUV crash that killed 9 illegal immigrants," by Arthur H. Rotstein and Jacques Billeaud, 08/09/06, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Smuggling, drug-running, violence defines Mexican border: testimony," by Sara A. Carter, 07/06/06, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Gang Wars Plague Mexican Drugs Hub," by Claire Marshall, 08/14/05, B.B.C. News, [WWW document] URL
4.) "The Fight for Nuevo Laredo," by James Pinkerton and Ioan Grillo, 05/08/06, originally published in the Houston Chronicle, accessed from the website of Resource Center of the Americas, [WWW document] URL
5.) "Stepdaughter exposes reported false document human smuggling and Social Security fraud ring," by Sara A. Carter, 07/02/06, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, [WWW document] URL
6.) "Authorities fight document fraud as terror threat," by Sara A. Carter, 07/03/06, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, [WWW document] URL
7.) "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States," by Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D., Violent Crimes Institute, Atlanta, Georgia, 2006, [WWW document] URL
8.) "Trabajadoras del campo enfrentan acoso sexual por parte de mayordomos," by Verónica Macías, 08/04/06, in the Bajo El Sol newspaper. See p. A5.
9.) "The New Colossus,(1883)," Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy, [WWW document] URL
10.) "Statue of Liberty," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, [WWW document] URL

Illegal Immigration as a Social Problem, Part I

1.) "The Border Crossed Us," by Paul D'Amato, 04/28/06, Socialist Worker Online, [WWW document] URL
2.) "Mexican-American War," from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, [WWW document] URL
3.) "USA History, Wars: Mexican American War," the United States History website, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Enough Blame to Go Around: Causes of the Mexican-American War," by John Heys, 1995,, [WWW document] URL
5.) James K. Polk Encyclopedia: The State Library of North Carolina, [WWW document] URL
6.) James K. Polk Ancestral Home, (provides information and lesson plans for teachers), [WWW document] URL
7.) The Look-It-Up Book of Presidents, by Wyatt Blassingame. Published by Random House, 1990, ISBN: 0-679-80353-X.
8.) "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago," Hispanic Reading Room, (this is a reproduction of the original handwritten treaty with maps, signatures, and seals), [WWW document] URL
9.) "The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago; February 2, 1848," [WWW document] URL
10.) "We Are America Coalition," from the website of We Are America - Today We Act. Tomorrow We Vote, [WWW document] URL
11.) "We Are America," from the website of We Are America - Today We Act. Tomorrow We Vote, [WWW document] URL
12.) "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote!" from the website of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (this is a 20-page report in PDF form), [WWW document} URL We-Vote-Rpt-final_1_-6-28-06ail.pdf
13.) "The Truth About Immigrants in Massachusetts," from the website of Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, [WWW document] URL
14.) "César Chávez," from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, [WWW document] URL
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16.) "Cesar Chavez, Minuteman," by Steve Sailor, 02/27/06, in the The American Conservative, [WWW document] URL
17.) "¡ Sí, Se Puede!" by Maria Luisa Tucker, 04/03/05, Alter Net website, [WWW document] URL
18.) "Today's Immigration Battle--Corporatists vs. Racists (and Labor Is Left Behind)," by Thom Hartmann, 03/30/06, from Buzz Flash, [WWW document] URL
19.) "The Coming Great Divide in American Political Culture," by J.R. Dunn, 05/15/07, The American Thinker, [WWW document] URL
20.) La Voz de Aztlan, [WWW document] URL

Illegal Immigration as a Social Problem, Part II

1.) "The Challenge of 'We the People' in a Post-9/11 World: Immigration, the American Economy and the Constitution," by His Eminence Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, The Fifth Annual John M. Templeton, Jr. Lecture on the Constitution and Economic Liberty, Philadelphia, 05/08/07, (this is an 9-page speech in PDF form), from the website of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, [WWW document] URL
2.) "A Day of Action in Honor of Immigrant Workers and Their Families: Suggestions Toward Promoting Immigration Reform on May 1st, 2007," by Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, (this is a 10-page document in PDF form), from the website of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, [WWW document] URL
3.) "Mahoney Calls on Priests to Oppose Proposed Immigration Law," from 4-KNBC-TV Los Angeles, 2006, [WWW document] URL
4.) "Cardinal Sin," by George Neumayr, in the National Review, 04/12/06, [WWW document] URL
5.) "U.S. Immigration Laws Unjust, Church Morally Obligated to Fight for Change, Cardinal Says," 05/10/07, Catholic Online, [WWW document] URL§ion=Cathcom
6.) The Social Agenda, A Collection of Magisterial Texts, a publication of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, with a foreword by Cardinal Francois Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 00120 Citta Del Vaticano, Copyright 2000 Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, ISBN: 88 209 2920 1, Article Ten: The International Community, No.7--Immigration, [WWW document] URL
7.) "Today's Immigration Battle--Corporatists vs. Racists (and Labor Is Left Behind)," by Thom Hartmann, 03/30/06, from Buzz Flash, [WWW document] URL
8.) Roman Catholic Blog, see the entry dated Wednesday, April 05, 2006, "Cardinal Mahony Asks Catholics to Fast in Solidarity with Undocumented Immigrants.'" [WWW document] URL
9.) "U.S. - Mexico at at Glance," Embassy of the United States, Mexico, [WWW document] URL
10.) "Women Recount Coercion into Prostitution Ring," by Jennifer Jefferson, 05/16/07,in the Tallahassee Democrat, [WWW document] URL
11.) "Domestic Abuse Rises Among Illegal Immigrants," by Daniel Gonzalez, 03/01/05, the Arizona Republic newspaper, accessed from USA Today, [WWW document] URL
12.) "Illegitimate Nation," by Steven A. Camarota, 05/04/07, in Front Page Magazine, [WWW document] URL
13.) MADD Orange County, DUI/ Alcohol Statistics for 2001-2002, [WWW document] URL
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Meet Me Halfway

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Miracle or Rescue: They Were Saved

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Should Therapists Be in Therapy? Part III

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Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

<<>>The following website is from the U.K. and provides information on bullying and child abuse prevention:
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<<>>This next website is from the U.S. and provides information on protecting children and strengthening families. Most of the information in today's essay was copied from this source. As per the website instructions: "This material may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, when doing so, please credit Child Welfare Information Gateway."
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Social Work Success

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Societal Versus Political Divisions
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Spanish Language National Anthem
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Students Fail Exam, But Could Graduate
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Students Get Credit for Marching

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<<>>If you would like to view two nice examples of student community service projects, try:
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Subjective Feeling of Citizenship

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Taking A Therapeutic Stand

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Tale of Two Churches, One City

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3.) I also referred to the website of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, but their website seems no longer to be available.

Thanksgiving Day Means Unity

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Thank You to the World

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Three Wishes for the New Year

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Trust and Credibility

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Twin Towers of Italy

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Valentine's Day

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Violation of Probation

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We Do Not All Worship the Same God

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<<>>Since writing this essay, the following article has become available:
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Westminster Bridge, July 7, 2005

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Win the War on Terrorism Forever

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Writing Without Plagiarizing

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