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50 Reasons to Vote in 2008

Natalia J. Garland

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This election year has presented many political issues and concepts, as well as personalities, for the average citizen to understand. Today I will attempt to organize some of my own impressions of and concerns about the 2008 presidential election. The list below reflects my perspective on possible differences, both positive and negative, between the two presidential candidates, their campaigns, and their supporters. A few of the items apply equally to both candidates.

(1) Political correctness vs. exchange of ideas.

(2) Biased commentary as news vs. investigative journalism.

(3) Acting presidential vs. ready to be president.

(4) Temperament vs. character.

(5) Neo-racism vs. integration.

(6) Hatred vs. tolerance.

(7) Censorship vs. truth, objectivity, disagreement, questions.

(8) Triumphalism vs. victory.

(9) Denial of reality vs. learning.

(10) Etiquette vs. winning.

(11) Masochism vs. concession.

(12) Excuse-making vs. humility.

(13) Chronic anger vs. problem-solving.

(14) Open borders vs. national sovereignty.

(15) Increased taxation vs. cuts in spending.

(16) Class warfare vs. self-determination.

(17) Indoctrination vs. education.

(18) Government expansion vs. government reform.

(19) Voter fraud vs. voter turnout.

(20) Likability vs. trustability.

(21) Redistribution of income vs. opportunities for new wealth.

(22) Utopian dreaming vs. service to country.

(23) Double standard vs. fair judgment.

(24) Elitism vs. representation.

(25) Enabling incompetence or corruption vs. indictment of culprits.

(26) Delusions of grandeur vs. hope.

(27) Change vs. improvement.

(28) Ethno-political interests vs. unity.

(29) Infanticide vs. abortion.

(30) Government bailouts vs. government transparency.

(31) Defeatism vs. a national will to overcome terrorism.

(32) Taxation as patriotism vs. patriotism as allegiance and voluntary service.

(33) Eloquence vs. details.

(34) False accusations of racism vs. fact-checking.

(35) Smear tactics vs. information-gathering.

(36) Personal attack vs. fair argument.

(37) Emotional connection vs. leadership.

(38) Major (and negative) news coverage of Joe the Plumber vs. no major coverage of Bill Ayers.

(39) 42 lateshow jokes about the Obama campaign vs. 286 jokes about the McCain campaign.

(40) Caviar and champagne vs. chicken casserole.

(41) Hot dogs vs. chicken casserole.

(42) Hypocrisy vs. honor.

(43) Greed and exploitation vs. capitalism.

(44) Scapegoating and demonization vs. building on one another's contributions and repairing mistakes.

(45) Fatalism vs. optimism.

(46) Panic vs. confidence.

(47) Buying the presidency through ads vs. message content.

(48) Hidden agenda? vs. an established voting record.

(49) Misdirected anger vs. anger.

(50) Hiding behind misdirected anger vs. responsibility for self.

Some of the items in today's list are of my own making, and some were compiled and modified from various T.V. news programs. The data in Item 39 was heard on Special Report with Brit Hume, FOX News Channel, 10/17/08. (Written 10/20/08)

Until we meet again..............stay sane.

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