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This is my personal scrapbook of online news articles. Scroll down the page to find categories on Society, Nation & World, and September 11th Anniversaries. Since some newspapers have only time-limited archive access, it is suggested that you print any information which you want to keep. This page will not be updated again until further notice. However, for research purposes, there is plenty of information from 2002 through 2009.


"10 Pieces of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now." In Popular Mechanics.

"94 Deaths of Homeless People Highlight Lack of Care." In the Seattle Times.

Boston University. Hamid Karazai, President of Afghanistan.
Harvard: Undergraduate English Oration. Alicia Menedez, Class of 2005.
St.Olaf College. Gretchen Morgenson, Pulitzer Prize journalist.

Connecticut College. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize environmentalist from Kenya.
Harvard University. Jim Lehrer.
St.Olaf College. Peter Agre, M.D.
University of Massachusetts, Boston. Senator Barack Obama.
University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Winter graduation address by Senator Chuck Hagel.

The Citadel. Rudy Giuliani.
Sarah Lawrence College. Alice Greenwald, director of the World Trade Center Memorial Museum in New York City.
St.Olaf College. Mark Olson, Class of 1965.

744,000 Homeless People in U.S. From MSNBC.

"A Can-Do Nation." In Time magazine.

"A Canonization of Subjectivity." This is a book review in Christianity Today.

"A Conservative Case for Universal Health Coverage." In the American Thinker.

"A Conservative in Los Angeles." In the Intellectual Conservative.

"A Conservative Perspective on Social Welfare Policy," This is an article by Bruce A. Thyer, Ph.D., a social work professor at Florida State University. In the Intellectual Conservative.

"Adults Should Be in Charge." An article on the California Child Welfare system. In

"A Forgotten Civil Rights Hero." In Reason Online.

"After the End of History." Comments from Francis Fukuyama, in Open Democracy.

"A God for Bloggers." An essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Air Force Aims to Reduce Alcohol-related Incidents..." In the Stars & Stripes.

Alison Arngrim. Former actress in Little House on the Prairie discusses childhood sexual abuse. This is an interview from CNN Larry King Live.

"A Little-known Tribe Is Finding Its Voice." In the Seattle Times.

"Al Qaeda Targets Our Schoolchildren." In the American Thinker.

"American by Choice." In the Weekly Standard.

"Anger Is All The Rage." An article by George Will, in Real Clear Politics.

"Antidepressant Use by Preschoolers Rising." In the Washington Times.

"A Priest's Story." "Not all accounts of sex abuse in the Catholic Church turn out to be true." In the Opinion Journal.

"A Proud Soldier's Battle Back." In the Seattle Times.

"Arkansas Prepares to Execute Mentally Ill Inmate." There are links to related information. From the Law Center.

Armed Forces Tribute. Be patient while it downloads. Turn on your sound and listen to Ricky Skaggs sing, "Somebody's Praying."

"Army Says Illegal-Immigrant Soldier Can Stay." In the Seattle Times.

"At the Border, a Second Front." In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"At the Gates of Notre Dame." In First Things.

"Authority Deficit." From the Discovery Institute.

"A Very Civil Act." "Why wasn't there more celebration of this milestone for racial equality?" In the Opinion Journal.

"A Vote for English." An article by George Will, in Real Clear Politics.

"Beloved Missionary Killed in Drive-by Shooting in Iraq." This is an article on Karen Watson. In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Coloring History." In the American Thinker.
"Read a Book for Black-History Month." In the National Review.

Black Liberation Theology "The Peculiar Theology of Black Liberation." In the Asia Times.
"Liberation Theology - General Information." This article discusses the Roman Catholic roots of Liberation Theology in Latin America. From the BELIEVE Religious Information Source website.
"Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology." From the Acton Institute.
"Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism." In the American Thinker.

"Breast Cancer Amid Affluence." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Cambodia's Penchant for Gang Rape Grows More Common." "Elite young men above the law prey on prostitutes seen as less than human." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"A Nation of Cowards?" In the American Thinker.
"Australian Cardinal Calls for Confrontation of Religious Intolerance." From the Catholic News Service.
"Ban More Chomsky." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Brit Airline Forces Stewardess to Muslim Dress, Walk Behind Males." In the Canada Free Press.
"Caving in to Islamists." In Real Clear Politics.
"Controlling the Message." In the American Thinker.
"Globalization of Censorship." In the Yale Global.
"Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton." In the American Thinker.
"Halloween Etiquette." In the National Review.
"Hate Speech at San Francisco State University." In the American Thinker.
"Limbaugh Bad, Mao Good." In the Orange County Register.
"Modern American Racism." In the American Thinker.
"Narcissistic Rage in the White House." In the American Thinker.
"Never Enough Beauty, Never Enough Truth." In the City Journal.
"Notre Dame's Betrayal of Faith." In the American Thinker.
"Principle at Stake at Notre Dame." In the Washington Times.
"Rewriting Reality." In the National Review.
"Trying to Bulldoze Free Speech." In Real Clear Politics.
"Twenty-Sixth Amendment: Resolving the Federal Circuit Split Over College Students' First Amendment Rights." In Fire.
"Without Bush, Media Lose Interest in War Caskets." In the Washington Examiner.
"Yes, We Did Plan for Mumbai-Style Attacks on the U.S." In the Opinion Journal.

"Children Having Sex at 11." Read this and related articles in the BBC News.

"Child-sex Jolts Family, Small Community." In the Seattle Times.

CHRISTMAS 2004 - a selection of opinion articles.
"Christianophobia." An article by Patrick J. Buchanan, in World Net Daily.
"Christmas and Christianity." In the Opinion Journal.
From the Abbott's Desk - Wednesday, December 29, 2004. A message from Abbott Phillip, OSB.
"Going All the Way." In the Opinion Journal.
"In Hoc Anno Domini." An editorial from 1949 by Vermont Royster.
"Love One Another, as I Have Loved You. A book review from the Claremont Institute.
"Politics of the Christmas Story." In the Boston Globe.
"Praise for a Secular Santa Who Delivers the Goods." An article by Irshad Manji.
"They All Want Him." In the National Review.

CHRISTMAS 2005 - a selection of opinion articles.
"2005: The Year of the Good Soldier-Samaritan." In Real Clear Politics.
Attacks on Christmas. From the Alliance Defense Fund website.
"Away in a Manger." In the Opinion Journal.
"The Christmas He Dreamed for All of Us." In the Washington Post.
"Don't Stifle Christianity by Political Correctness." In the Times Online (U.K.)
"Ghost of Christmas Presence." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Hanukkah Lights." In the National Review.
"Persecuting the Holy Land's Christians." In Front Page Magazine.
"Pssst! Merry Christmas!" In the Intellectual Conservative.
"The Unholiday." From Concerned Women for America.

"'Silent Night' in China." In Yale Global Online.

CHRISTMAS 2008 - a selection of articles.
"Baby Jesus Thefts Seem to Be Epidemic." In the Philadelphia Inquirer.
"Christmas Hope Dawns in Iraq." From Zenit.
"Christmas in Beirut Is Just Like Everywhere Else--But Not." In the Daily Star (Lebanon).
"Christmas Night, 1776." An article by Newt Gingrich, in Human Events.
"Fury at Mosque in Nativity Set." In the Scotsman.
"Greatest Book Ever Written." In the American Thinker.

"Words: A Personal Holiday Remembrance." In the Intellectual Conservative.

"Christos Anesti." From Tech Central Station.

"Clarity in a Blurred Racial Picture." An article on racially mixed Americans and minority classification. Written by George F. Will, in

"Coalition Forces Make Second Major Drug Seizure in Five Days." In the Navy News Stand.

"Cocaine Traces on Spanish Euros." In the BBC News.

"Conservatives Need to Define Themselves." An article by Marilyn M. Barnwell, from News With Views.

"Credo in Unam Nationem, Sub Deo-Redux." In the American Thinker.

"Criminalization of Christianity." In Front Page Magazine.

"Criminals Owe Debt to Victims, Not Society." In

"Cults and Cosmic Consciousness: Religious Vision in the American 1960s. An essay by Camille Paglia, in Arion.

"Culture of Death." "Who will decide when you should die?" In the Village Voice.

"Culture War's Decisive Battle Has Begun." In the American Thinker.

"Deconstructing Chomsky." This is a book review in Reason Online.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Free downloadable e-book, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.

"Denial." An article by Tony Blankley, in the Washington Times.

"Despair as Forced Marriages Stay Legal." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Do Daughters Cause Divorce?" In The Age.

"Domestic Discord, Sense of Alienation Behind Rise in Suicides." In the Arab News.

"Drug Addiction, and Misery, Increase in Afghanistan." In e-Ariana.

Dr. Death. A Special Report on mass murderer, Harold Shipman. In the Guardian Unlimited.

"Drug Legalization Doesn't Work." An article by Asa Hutchinson.

"Duty, Honor, Country." In Real Clear Politics.

EDUCATION - a selection of articles.
"A Civics Lesson on the Back of a Dollar Bill?" In the Christian Science Monitor.
"Bear Republic Strikes Back!" "How home schooling Californians fought for their liberty and won. Kinda." From the Culture11 website.
"Best in Class." An article on the competition to become valedictorian. In the New Yorker.
"Blissfully Uneducated." An article by Victor Davis Hanson, in
"Books for Baghdad." From the Jacksonville State University News.
Coaches Who Prey. "The Abuse of Girls and the System That Allows It." This is a special series in the Seattle Times.
"Confucius Reenters China's Schools to Parry Western Ways." In the Christian Science Monitor.
"Court Orders Christian Child into Government Education." From World Net Daily.
"Dumbing Down the Regents." In the City Journal.
"E.D. Hirsch's Curriculum for Democracy." In the City Journal.
Education Articles. Several articles in Capitalism Magazine.
"Education at Its Finest." In the American Thinker.
"Educational Blues." An article by William F. Buckley, Jr., in the National Review.
Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature. Provided by the U.S. Department of Education.
"Grading Mayoral Control." This is an article on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's control of the New York City school system. In the City Journal.
"High School Counselors Grapple with Growing Caseloads." In the Seattle Times.
"How Academe Shortchanges Conservative Thinking." In the Chronicle of Higher Education.
"How I Found God at Columbia." An article by Dennis Prager, in World Net Daily.
"Indoctrination in the Classroom." In Real Clear Politics.
"In the Basement of the Ivory Tower." In the Atlantic.
"Loving the Printed Word." In the Baltimore Sun.
"Mentoring Program Offers Skills for a Positive Future." In the Toledo Blade.
"Muslims to Pay School's Legal Fight to Uphold Niqab Ban." In the Telegraph (U.K.).
"Not Their Finest Hour." Young students in England no longer to learn about Sir Winston Churchill. In the American Spectator.
"Oakland in the Cross Fire." "Teacher chronicles students lost to violence." In the San Francisco Chronicle.
Operation Iraqi Children. "The future of Iraq lies in the education of its children." This is a project founded by actor Gary Sinise and author Laura Hillenbrand.
"The Private Schools No One Sees." In the City Journal.
"Pope's Letter to Romans on Education." From Zenit.
"...Problem of a Modern Classical Education." In Arion.
Reclaiming Social Studies. Read this and other special reports from the Fordham Foundation.
Refurbishing Primary Schools for Fall Semester in Iraq. In the San Francisco Chronicle.
"School Choice Isn't Enough." In the City Journal.
"Sex and School Don't Mix." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"Silencing Voices for School Choice." In the Weekly Standard.
"Still at Risk." From the American Enterprise Institute.
"Students' Complicated Gifts." "Schools struggle with exceptional learning-disabled." From the GT/LD Network.
"Teaching for Balance: Males Only Need Apply." In The Age.
U.S. Army Aids a Baghdad University Library. From the Defend America website.
"Warrior for the Word." This is an interview with Camille Paglia (2005), on the topic of language and academics. In
"Western Home Schoolers Need Political Asylum From Democracy." In World Net Daily.
"What's in a Name? The Decline in the Civic Mission of School Names." From the Manhattan Institute.
"Your Children May Learn That Muslims Discovered America." In the American Thinker.

"Eight Steps to a Rich Life in America." In the Seattle Times.

"Erich Neumann: Theorist of the Great Mother." An essay by Camille Paglia, in Arion.

"Face of Human Evil." Full coverage of the Myra Hindley case. In the Observer (U.K.).

"Failures by State, Caregiver Kept Secret in Child-Rape Case." In the Seattle Times.

"Family: Anger Fueled Dad's Attack on Daughter." This is the story of a Muslim honor killing in Phoenix, Arizona. From KPHO News.

"Fear of Giving Offence Is Killing Our Culture." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West." In the American Thinker.

"Finding a Solution to Domestic Violence." In The Age.

"Firefighter Says Drinking Common at S.F. Stations." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Freedom of Thought, It's Your God-Given Right." An article by Irshad Manji.

"Freud in Our Midst." In Newsweek.

"From Thinkers to Clickers: The World Wide Web and the Transformation of the Essence of Being Human." In Ubiquity.

"Getting Poverty Wrong." In the City Journal.

"Girl Next Door." They grew up together, now one is a cop and the other a prostitute. In the St. Petersburg Times (Florida).

"Girl Power." "What changed for women--and what hasn't." In Harvard Magazine.

"Girls Gone Mild....Good Girls Stand Up Against Promiscuity." In the Catholic Online.

"Great Falls Resident Works to Spare Vietnamese Girls a Life of Prostitution." In the Great Fall Tribune.

"Green River Killings Point Up Prostitutes' Plight..." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Grief Industry." "How much does crisis counseling help--or hurt?" In the New Yorker.

"Guitarist's Soulful Music Soothes Ailing Children." In the Seattle Times.

"Happiness Is a Job You Like." In the Sydney Morning Herald.

"He Hasn't Lost Artist's Eye." In the Seattle Times.

"Helen Mirren: Why I Stopped Taking Cocaine." In the Guardian (U.K.).

Heroes. "A Nation Honors Valor in the War on Terror." In the Stars & Stripes.

"Hey, Brother, Can You Spare a Moment?" Catholic friars of St.Anthony help the homeless. In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Hidden White Victims of Racism." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Hispanic 8th Graders Outpace Peers in Illicit Drug Use." From the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy.

"Honor Killings: When the Ancient and the Modern Collide." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Hopis Don't Roll the Dice." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"How Almost Everyone in Kerala Learned to Read." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"How My Eyes Were Opened to the Barbarity of Islam." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"How Rage Can Make You Ill." From MSNBC.

"I'd Like to Say: Every Patient Needs an Advocate." In the St. Anthony Messenger.

"If Cultures Subdue, Work Can Liberate." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"Indian State of the Union." An article by David Yeagley, in Front Page Magazine.

"In God We Trust." An article by Jay Sekulow, in

"Inside the Enemy's Mind." "United in Hate: The Leftist Mind Exposed." In the American Thinker.

"Inside the Minds of Psychopaths." This is a transcript from CNN Larry King Live.

"Intolerant Tolerance." In First Things.

"Iran Needs More Psychologists, Psychiatrists." From the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Irshad Manji Speaks at the American Library Association Annual Conference. A report from the Heretical Librarian blog.

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?" In the Atlantic.

Cross Reference--Call to Prayer. From the Pluralism Project, Harvard University.
"Mosque Prayers Irk Michigan City." From CBS News.
"Muslim Call to Prayers in Michigan." From the Free Republic website.
"Soldiers and Spirituality." An article by Father John J. Lombardi, National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

"An Anatomy of Surrender." "Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia." In the City Journal.
"A Schism over Shari'ah in the Church of England." In the American Thinker.
"Britain's No Sharia Campaign." In the American Thinker.
"Does Shariah Promote Human Rights?" In the American Thinker.
"Sharia Comes for the Archbishop." In the Weekly Standard.
"Shari'a for the Archbishop." In the American Thinker.
"Shari'a Not Just About Stoning and Amputation." From
"The Shari'a Archbishop." In the American Thinker.
"What Did the Archbishop Actually Say?" From the website of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
"Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: What He Wishes on Us Is an Abomination." In the Independent (U.K.).

"Islam in America, the Present and the Future." This is a five-part series in the Seattle Times.

"Islam in America's Public Schools: Education or Indoctrination?" In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Is Monotheism a Net Plus or Minus?" In Front Page Magazine.

"Italian History Buff Visits Grave of U.S. Soldier Killed in WWII." In the Stars and Stripes.

"Jane Elliott and Her Blue-eyed Devil Children." In Front Page Magazine.

"Kathleen McChesney: Helping the Bishops Get It Right." Former FBI agent helps to end priest sex-abuse crisis. In the St. Anthony Messenger.

"Kevorkian Conundrum." In the Washington Times.

"Leading Saudi Woman Blogger Alhodiaf Passes Away at 25." In the Arab News.

"Learning Why We're Americans." "Schools fail the future when they don't teach individual liberties in the Constitution." In the Village Voice.

"Librarian Fired After Reporting Patron Viewing Child Porn." From One News Now.
"Records Changed After Librarian Reported Porn." In World Net Daily

"Living in Fear in Falls Church." In Front Page Magazine.

"Long Death of Multiculturalism." In the American Spectator.

"Losing Their Religion." This is a slide show on the tearing down of St. Bridgid's Church, New York. In the Village Voice.

"Luci or Lace? 2 Homicides, 1 Overlooked. Media Focus More on White Victims." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Magic of Images: Word and Picture in a Media Age." An essay by Camille Paglia, in Arion.

"Male Contraceptive Study Expanded." In the BBC News.

"Marketplace of Perceptions." In Harvard Magazine.

"Marriage and the Terror War." In the National Review.

"Meth's Rising U.S. Impact." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement." In the City Journal.

Mexican Mafia. From the FBI webiste.

"Middle Class on the Precipice." In Harvard Magazine.

"Migiro Urges Greater Efforts to End Violence Against Women." From the U.N. News Centre.

"Monument Honoring Navy's Efforts Is Unveiled in Normandy." In the Starts and Stripes.

"More than 1,100 Sex Offenders Nabbed in Nationwide Roundup." From FOX News.

"Moved to Tears: Probing the Mystery of Art's Emotional Power." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"MSNBC: Racism Is Largely a White Characteristic." From the Newsreal blog.

"Murder Charge for Brother Whose Sister Shed Scarf." From FOX News.

"Murder in Maximum Security." In the New Yorker.

"New York City Life." In Harlem Live.

NOBEL PRIZE - a selection of opinion articles.
"Nobel Prize: Marxism Goes Mainstream." In the American Thinker.
"Rigoberta Menchu Won the Nobel Peace Prize, Too." In the American Thinker.

"No Honor in This." An interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler on Islamic honor killings. In the National Review.

"No More Poverty: What the Catholic Church is Doing." In the St. Anthony Messenger.

"No Safe Places." This is an article on the Amish school shootings. In

"Nothing Uncool About Patriotism." In the American Thinker.

"Not Liberating, After All." "How did feminists end up in bed with Hugh Hefner?" In the Opinion Journal.

"Nuestra Familia/Our Family." This is a three-part series on gangs in Salinas, California. In El Andar magazine (from the Winter 2003 issue).

"Obligation of Unwanted Fatherhood." In the Boston Globe.

"One in Four S. African Men Admit to Rape." From

"One of Every Three Popular Songs Contains References to Substance Use." In the Science Daily.

"Other Molesters to Follow......" An article on the release of imprisoned sex-offenders who have undergone treatment. In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Our Girls." In the American Spectator.

"Our Language Is the Loser." In the American Thinker.

"Our Majority Is in Jeopardy." Newt Gingrich outlines five challenges to America's survival. In Human Events.

"Parents Balk at Child Molester in Sports Group." In the Clarion-Ledger.

"Parents Pay Up to Avoid Prison." In the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Physicians vs. Hospitals; Patients in Middle." In the Toledo Blade.

"Pimps, Pedophiles: Welcome to S.F." In Real Clear Politics.

"Pioneer Descendants Help Duwamish Tribe." In the Seattle Times.

"Pleasure Marriages in Sunni and Shi'ite Islam." From the MEMRI website.

"Postmodern Financial Crisis." In the City Journal.

"Postmodernism and the Bible." This is an eight-part series, by James Arlandson. In the American Thinker.

"Postmodernism Unpeeled." An interview with Stephen Hicks, from the Culture, Ideas and Comic Books blog of David Thompson.

"Potent Popery." An article on the history of anti-Catholicism. Written by Tim Cavanaugh, editor of Reason Online.

"Priest Burns Himself to Death Over Islam." In the Times Online (U.K.).

Professional Military Journal Reading Room. From the National Defense University.

"Protecting the Global Child." In Egypt Today.

"Psychic Numbing and Genocide." In the Journal of Judgment and Decision Making.

"Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism." An article by Dr. Phyllis Chesler, in the Israel Insider.

"Q. Whose Bible Is It? A. Whose Isn't It?" This is a book review in the Christian Science Monitor.

"Raid Nets Church's 'Sacramental' Marijuana." In the Seattle-Post-Intelligencer.

"Religious Authority Warns Women Against Perfume, Flirtation." In der Spiegel.

"Remembering Good Friday." In the Intellectual Conservative.

"Repeat DUI Offender Faces Lengthy Wait to Serve Sentence." In the Toledo Blade.

"Resilient Society." An article by Rudy Giuliani, in the City Journal.

"Rich in Faith." This is a five-part series on the millionaire philanthropists, Howard and Roberta Ahmanson. In the Orange County Register.

"Roberts Completes Record-Breaking Counter-Drug Deployment." In the Navy News Stand.

"Ron Silver and 9/11 Republicans." In the Intellectual Conservative.

"Rosa Parks and the Class of '55." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"...Rosary Links 3 Veterans." In the Modesto Bee.

"San Francisco Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness." This is a 78-page document in PDF form. Written by the San Francisco Ten Year Planning Council.

"Saving Foster Kids from the Streets." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"School Shootings and White Denial." In Harlem Live.

"Sex: Teens Want More Than Mechanics." In The Age.

"Sexual Abuse in Social Context: Catholic Clergy and Other Professionals." A Special Report from the Catholic League website.

"Shariah in Minnesota?" In the Opinion Journal.

"Slain Child's Mother Tries to Focus on Loving Memories." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Smoking's Hideous Toll on American Women." In the Seattle Times.

"Sober up, Wisconsin." In the Wisconsin State Journal.

"Social Security Penalizes Single Working Women." From the National Center for Policy Analysis website.

SOMALY MAM - a selection of articles about Somaly Mam who combats the prostitution of girls in Cambodia.
"A Day in the Life." From the AFESID Cambodia website.
"Former Child Prostitute Now Saves Others." From the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog.
"Glamour Magazine Honors Somaly Mam..." From the Vital Voices website.

"State of the Faith." In the National Review Online.

"Stump Intercepts Large Cocaine Shipment." Be sure to read Related Stories at bottom of page. In the Navy Newsstand.

"Surgical Tags Plan for Sex Offenders." Controversial plan proposed in Britian. In the Observer (U.K.).

"Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Speak Out." This is an interview from CNN Larry King Live.

"System Faulted for High Alaska Native Rape Rate." In the Anchorage Daily News.

"Tales from the Underground." An interesting article on the women's subway car in Cairo, Egypt. In Egypt Today magazine.

"Tar Wars Equips Kids in Battle Against Smoking." In the Stars & Stripes.

"Teenager Killed His Sister for Living a Western Life." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Teen Ecstasy." In the Opinion Journal.

TEN COMMANDMENTS MONUMENT - a selection of articles.
"Alabama Ten Commandments Monument: A Beginning?" This is a brief article on the history of the monument, with comments about the controversy. From the Brent Morrison Column.
"A Monumental Story." This article explains both sides of the controversy over the monument. From Fox News Watch.
"Chief Justice Vows to Fight Monument Removal Order." From the Law Center.
"Congressman Seeks to Protect Alabama's Ten Commandments Monument." Includes quotations from John Hostettler and Alan Keyes. From Cybercast News Service.
"On the Establishment of Religion: What the Constitution Really Says." An essay by Alan Keyes.
"Ten Commandments Controversy." An article by Michael Novak, from Hillsdale College.
"Trial Over Alabama Ten Commandments Monument Ends." This article focuses on separation of church and state, and on the founding fathers. From the Freedom Forum website.
Update on Texas Ten Commandment Monument. From the Fraternal Order of Eagles website.

TERRI SCHIAVO - a selection of opinion articles.
"A Turning Point in the Culture War." In World Net Daily.
"At Vigil, Schiavo Depicted as a New Martyr." In the San Francisco Chronicle.
"Battle over Terri Schiavo." This is an interview from CNN Larry King Live. It includes Kate Adamson and Joni Eareckson-Tada.
"Case Has Parallels Around World." In the Seattle Times.
"Case Heard Round the Web." In the Weekly Standard.
"Case Matters in Symbol and Substance." An article by Cal Thomas, in the Jewish World Review.
"Comprehensive Coverage." Many, many articles from the archives of World Net Daily.
"Execution of Terri Schiavo." An article by Pat Buchanan, in World Net Daily.
Living Will and Medical Directives Forms. From the Internet Legal Research Group.
Schiavo Case Resources. Provided by the University of Miami Ethics Program.
"Schiavo Post-Mortem." In the National Review.
"St. Theresa Schiavo." An article by Cal Thomas, in the Jewish World Review.
"Terri's Crucifixion." In World Net Daily.
"Terri Schiavo Legacy." In the Christian Science Monitor.
"Way of Suffering." In the National Review.
"What's God Got to Do with It?" In the National Review.
"The Whole Terri Schiavo Story." In World Net Daily.

"The Straight Dope on 'Medical Marijuana.'" In Tech Central Station. Type article title in the TCS search, and you will be taken to an internal link to article.

"The Trouble Is the West." This is an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In Reason Online.

"Thunder in the Foothills." "The State of Indian Gaming." In the Reno Gazette-Journal.

"Trafficked to the West." An article on the trafficking of young women from Eastern Europe to the U.K. In the BBC News.

"Trails of Tears, and Hope." In Harvard Magazine.

"Troops Struggle with Spiritual Warfare." In the Stars & Stripes.

"Troubadour Finds Bliss on Haight." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Tuberculosis in Marijuana Users." In the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

"Under the Islamic Veil: Faces Disfigured by Acid." In the Chesler Chronicles.

Unnatural Disasters. This is a four-part series on "the struggle between man and nature." In the San Bernardino Sun.

"U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts Yields First Drug Bust." In the Navy News Stand.

VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE - a selection of opinion articles.
"A Culture of Passivity." In the National Review.
"American Psycho." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"Black Day in Blacksburg." An article by Cal Thomas, in the Jewish World Review.
"Cho's Professor Nikki Giovanni: Teaching Hate at Virginia Tech." From
"Madness at Virginia Tech." In Real Clear Politics.
"Mental Hygiene Weighs Tough Options." In the Yale Daily News.
"Preventing Evil." An article by Linda Chavez, in
"Psychoanalysis Won't Fully Explain VT Killer." In the Yale Daily News.
"Was Cho Taught to Hate?" In the American Thinker.
"What Drugs Had Cho Taken?" In Counter Punch.

"Voices of Arab Culture." Full coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Walking Children Through Divorce." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Warning Labels on Cigarettes Get Gruesome." In the Toledo Blade.

"Welcome Home, Soldier." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"What Is Justice for a Rape Victim?" In the Chesler Chronicles.

"What Is a Moderate Muslim?" In Tech Central Station.

"What Washington Saw in God." In USA Today.

"When Women Cry Wolf About Rape." In the American Thinker.

"Where Justice and Mercy Meet." An article on the Mental Health Court in Brooklyn, New York. In the Village Voice.

"Who Will Save the Black Sisters Now? Funds Are Axed for Battered Women and Forced Marriage Charity." In the Daily Mail (U.K.).

"Why American Evangelicals Are the West's Last Hope." In the American Thinker.

"Why Do Some Societies Make Disastrous Decisions?" An essay by Jared Diamond, in Edge.

WHY DO THEY HATE AMERICA? - a selection of opinion articles.
"A Big Reason for Thanks." In the National Review.
Anti-Americanism? You be the judge. This photo was taken at the San Francisco rally in March, 2004. Provided by
"Britain's Guru of Anti-American Hate." In Front Page Magazine.
"How to Love the United States." In the BBC News.
Looking for Answers. A Frontline program from PBS.
"Roots of Root Causes." In the American Thinker.
"What Does It Mean To Be An American?" In the American Thinker.
"White Guilt and the Western Past." In the Opinion Journal.
"Who Hates America in the Arab and Muslim World, and Why." From the MEMRI website.
"Why Do They Hate Us? An article by Thomas Sowell, in the Jewish World Review.
"Why They Hate Us." In the Daily Standard.

WHY DO THEY HATE JEWS/ISRAEL? - a selection of opinion articles.
"An Attempt to Identify the Root Cause of Antisemitism." In Azure magazine.
"Anne Frank Diary Censored from Beirut School..." In the Daily Star (Lebannon).
"Anti-Judaism." In Front Page Magazine.
Antisemitism Documentation Project. This is a collection of Arabic newspaper articles and other sources which reflect Arab antisemitism throughout the world. From the MEMRI website.
"A Sobering Visit to Hitler's Mountain Stronghold." In the Seattle Times.
"Carter's Calumny." From the Jewish Virtual Library.
"Graffiti on History's Walls." In the Jewish World Review.
"Hezbollah's Final Solution." In Front Page Magazine.
"Incurable Disease." In the Jewish World Review.
"Israel Did It!" In the National Review.
"Never Again?" In the Washington Post.
"No Merit in a Delusional Approach to the Middle East." In the Australian.
"On the Present Danger Facing Israel and All Jews." In the American Thinker.
"President Bush Addresses Members of the Knesset." This is a speech from Bush's trip to Israel, May 2008. From the White House website.
"Q&A Auschwitz." Marking the 60th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. In the BBC News.
"Second Holocaust Is Looming." In Front Page Magazine.
"The Left Among Us Like Victimhood." From the Transatlantic Institue.
"United by Hate." "The uses of anti-Semitism in Chávez's Venezuela." In the Boston Review.
"What Does Jewishness Mean Today?" In the Christian Science Monitor.
"What's the Matter With Jimmy?" In the Jewish World Review.
"When Jews Is News." In
"Why Europe Abandoned Israel." In Real Clear Politics.
"Why the World Hates the Jews." An article by Michael Medved, in

WHY DO THEY HATE SARAH PALIN? - a selection of opinion articles.
Exclusive Interview with Sarah Palin. In Human Events.
"Give 'em Hell, Sarah." In the Weekly Standard.
"Let Sarah Be Sarah." In the National Review.
"McCain's VP Choice a Woman--and a Post-Denominationalist. In the National Catholic Reporter.
"Obama's Altitude Sickness." In Real Clear Politics.
"Our Values Reflected in Those of Palin." In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
"Palin Bashing Keeps Swinging and Missing." In Real Clear Politics.
"The Palin Brand." In the American Thinker.
"Palin's People Power." In the American Thinker.
"Referendum on Sarah Palin." In the National Post.
"Sarah Palin: A Leader Without a Party." In the American Thinker.
"Sarah Palin Brings the Hillary Clinton Era to an End." In the Telegraph (U.K.).
"Sarah Palin: It's Go West, Towards the Future of Conservatism." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"Thanks, Guys." In the Weekly Standard.
"The Meaning of Sarah Palin." In Commentary Magazine.
"Why the Elitist Hatred Toward Palin?" In Real Clear Politics.
"Why They Hate Her." In the Weekly Standard.

"Why They Hate Mitt Romney." In the American Thinker.

"Why We Need a Female Sexual Predator Act." In the Intellectual Conservative.

"Why We Share Our Passions: It's All About Belonging." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Will Men Ever Be on the Pill?" In The Age.

"Women Docs Break Bad News Best." In the BBC News.

"Women Go Missing by the Millions." In the International Herald Tribune.

"Young and Worried." Teens try to balance concerns about Iraq with their struggles in their own community. In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Young Black Men at Risk." In the Christian Science Monitor.

Nation & World

3/11. "Massacre in Madrid" picture slideshow. Navigate the gallery by photo number and by the tabs (Atentados, Víctimas, etc.) at top of page. In El Mundo.

7/7. Full coverage of the London terror attack. From

9/11 Commission Report. From the website of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

"Conspiracy Disproved." An article by Alexander Cockburn, in Le Monde Diplomatique.
"Deniers of 9/11 and of the Holocaust Are Two of a Kind." In Arutz Sheva.
"Debunking the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories." In the Southern Cross Review.
"Rosie O'Donnell 9/11 Conspiracy Comments: Popular Mechanics Responds." In Popular Mechanics magazine.

10 Countries That Vote Against the U.S. In Human Events.

25 Britons Who Influence America. In the Times Online (U.K.).

"30 Years Later: A War of Yesterday: Vietnam Looks Ahead." In the International Herald Tribune.

"The Acorn File." In the City Journal.

"A Day of Sorrow and Healing." Full coverage of the memorial service for victims of the terrorist attack on Bali. In The Age.

Afghanistan: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. This website provides information on Afghan illicit drugs and improvement projects.

"Afghanistan Reborn." In the Weekly Standard.

After Sept 11: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. A collection of essays on social organization, conflict and cooperation. From the website of the Social Science Research Council.

"After September 11: The Faculty Reflects." From the website of the California Alumni Association at UC Berkeley.

"A History of Pardons." "A look at presidential pardons in American history." In USA Today.

"A Defining Moment." An article by Mitt Romney, in the National Review.
"Ahmadinejad's Overlooked Message." An article by Caroline Glick, in Real Clear Politics.
"Bollinger Forgot to Stand Up for the U.S." An article by Ed Koch, in Real Clear Politics.
"Cheapening Free Speech." An article by James Kirchick, in Commentary Magazine.
"Columbia's Conceit." An article by Bret Stephens, in the Opinion Journal.
"Frivolity of Evil." An article by Suzanne Fields, in the Washington Times.
"Normalizing Evil." An article by Dr. Phyllis Chesler, in the Israel Insider.

"A Loyalty Oath for Muslims?" An article by Cal Thomas, in the Jewish World Review.

"Al Qaeda after the Iraq Conflict." A CRS Report for Congress, with footnotes for further reference.

"Al Qaeda Founder Launches Fierce Attack on Osama bin Laden." In the Telegraph (U.K.).

"Al Qaeda in Iraq." In the Weekly Standard.

"Al Qaeda, Saddam." From the Heritage Foundation.

"Al Qaeda: Statements and Evolving Ideaology." A CRS Report for Congress, with footnotes for further reference.

"American Left in Context." In the American Thinker.

"American Muslim Youth vs. the Wahhabi Lobby." In Tech Central Station.

"America's Other Immigration Crisis." In The American.

"America's Priorities in the War on Terror." This is an article by Governor Mike Huckabee, in Foreign Affairs.

"America's Victories." In Front Page Magazine.

"And Dhimmitude For All." In Front Page Magazine.

"An Essential War." "Ousting Saddam Was the Only Option." In the Opinion Journal.

"An Islamic Threat Like the Nazis." This is a three-part series by Tony Blankley, in the Washington Times.

"Anti-Capitalistic Mentality." Written by Ludwig von Mises, in 1956. Accessed from the Online Library of Liberty.

"Arab Liberals Discuss Fifth Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom." From MEMRI.

"Are Americans Becoming Europeans?" In Tech Central Station.

"A Roundup of the Past Two Weeks' Good News from Iraq." Dec. 6, 2004, in the Opinion Journal.

"A Roundup of the Past Two Weeks' Good News from Iraq." Jan. 31, 2005, in the Opinion Journal.

"At the Gates, Again." A three-part series on barbarism and terrorism. Written by Brink Lindsey, in the National Review Online.

"A Wall Too High." In the Voice of Russia.

"A War to Be Proud Of." An article by Christopher Hitchens, in the Weekly Standard.

"Balkan Terrorist Connection." In the American Thinker.

"Barbaric Acts Against G.I.'s Have No Equivalent." In the Arizona Republic.

"Battling Against the Islamification of the World." In the Chesler Chronicles.

"Because They Hate." This is an interview with Brigitte Gabriel, author and terrorism expert who was born in Lebanon. In Front Page Magazine.

Be Ready. How to be prepared for and survive a terrorist attack. Provided by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later." In the New York Times.

"Bestshoring Beats Outsourcing." An article by Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the Opinion Journal.

BHUTTO ASSASSINATION - a selection of articles.
"A Wrong Must Be Righted." This is an interview with Bhutto in January, 2007, in Parade Magazine.
"Bhutto: A Life in Politics." This is a slide show on Bhutto's life. In the Christian Science Monitor.
"Bhutto Buried Beside Her Father..." In the Guardian (U.K.).
"Campaigning in the Face of Terror." This is an article written by Benazir Bhutto on the October (2007) assassination attempt. In the Opinion Journal.
"Defying Fate Was Pointless." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"Did Bhutto Martyr Herself?" This article has some psychological insights. In the American Thinker.
"Legacy of Benazir Bhutto." In Real Clear Politics.
"The Benazir Bhutto I Knew." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"Bill Clinton Was Right." "There was a Saddam-Osama connection and we're learning more every day." In the Weekly Standard.

"Bin Laden's Eurofighters." In der Spiegel.

Blair Speaks at Georgetown University. From the 10 Downing Street website.

"Britain Destroying Itself from Within." An article by Joan Collins, accessed in the Drudge Report (scroll down page).

"British, American, and French Enlightenments." From the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

BRITISH SOLDIERS CAPTURED BY IRAN (MAR. 2007) - a selection of opinion articles.
"Britain's Humiliation--And Europe's." An article by Charles Krauthammer, in the Jewish World Review.
"Terrorist State Has a History of Insanity." In the Australian.
"When a Civilization No Longer Inculcates an Overriding Attachment to Its Own Survival, It No Longer Survives as a Civilization." An article by Diana West, in the Jewish World Review.

Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths. A special investigative report on an Army platoon's activities in Vietnam. Provided by the Toledo Blade newspaper.

"Bush's Brain." "The president just doesn't communicate anymore." In the Opinion Journal.

"The Byzantine Doctrine." "What the United States could learn from the military and foreign policy of the Byzantine Empire." In the Weekly Standard.

"Case Not Closed: Iraq's WMD Stockpiles." In the American Thinker.

"Chaos, Crisis and Terror Serves the Islamic Republic." In the American Thinker.

"Childish Constitution and the Mature Constitution." In the American Thinker.

Choosing a Sect: Sunni and Shiite Muslims. In the New York Times.

"Civilian Contractors Work Nonstop to Blow up Iraq's Ordnance Stockpile." In the Stars & Stripes.

"A Cold-Blooded Foreign Policy." An article by Fouad Ajami, in the Wall Street Journal.

"Congressional Reports: Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001." This report is 858 pages in PDF form. Provided by the GPO Access website.

Copts in Egypt. In Egypt Today.

"Corruption, Communism, and Catholicism in Vietnam." From the Acton Institute.

"Courage of Muslim Moderates." In the Boston Globe.

Daniel Pearl Site. A tribute and full coverage. Provided by the South Asian Journalists Association.

Defend America."U.S. Department of Defense News About the War on Terrorism."

"Destroyed by Communism." In the City Journal.

"Did America Abandon Vietnam War P.O.W.'s?" In the Village Voice.

"Doctrine of Preemption." An article by George F. Will, from Hillsdale College.

"Don't Be So Sure There Were No WMD in Iraq." In

"End of 20 Barbarous Years? A Fearful Nation Holds Its Breath." An article on northern Uganda, by Helen Mirren. In the Times Online (U.K.).

"e-Qaeda." "A special report on how jihadists use the internet and technology to spread their message." In the Washington Post.

Europe and Islam. This is a transcript of Bernard Lewis' speech, given upon receipt of the Irving Kristol Award for 2007. Provided by the American Enterprise Institute.

"Europe's Existential Mourning." In the American Thinker.

"Europe's Islamic Wake-Up Call." In Front Page Magazine.

Exclusive Tony Blair's Exit Interview. In Newsweek.

"Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMD." In

Explaining Terrorism. A series of articles from the Center for Defense Information website.

Faces of Valor. "A photo tribute to the men & women of Operation Iraqi Freedom." Provided by

Fifth Column. If you have ever heard the term "fifth column" and did not know what it meant, here's a definition. From Maven's Word of the Day.

"Fighting Jihad." In Real Clear Politics.

"Fighting the Preachers of Hate." In der Spiegel.

FORT HOOD MASSACRE - a selection of opinion articles.
"Flashback: Ft. Hood's Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Hammond and the Koran Sniper." From the blog of Diana West.
"Obama: Avoid Jumping to Conclusions, Avoid Anti-Muslim Backlash." In the Chesler Chronicles.
"On Crazy Shrinks." From the Irrational Expertise blog (Dr. Judith Sills).
"Shooter Exposes Holes in U.S. Terror Strategy." In the Orange County Register.
"Shootings at Fort Hood." Full coverage in the Washington Post.
"When Muslims Commit Violence." In the Atlantic.

"Fourth Estate or Fifth Column." An article on media bias and the war in Iraq. Written by Thomas Sowell, in the Washington Times.

"Freedom and Justice in Islam." An article by Bernard Lewis, from Hillsdale College.

FRENCH RIOTS (NOV. 2005) - a selection of opinion articles.
"Deadly Denial." In Front Page Magazine.
"Why France Is Burning." An article by Melanie Phillips.

"Future of Terror." A symposium from Front Page Magazine.

"Give Bush Credit on Iran." In Commentary Magazine.

"Give Them the Death They Revere." In Israel National News.

Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery. Links to various individuals, news sites, and weblogs covering the war in Iraq. Provided by

Ground Truth. U.S. troops talk about conditions in Iraq over a seven-day period in 2003. In the Stars & Stripes.

Handbook for Afghan Journalists. From the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

"Harvard, CAIR, and Kos." In the Weekly Standard.

"Hidden History of the Iraq War Critics." In the American Thinker.

"Hillary Clinton: No Regret on Iraq Vote." From

History of the FBI. "Detailed description from 1908 to the present."

"Hizbullah Mastermind's True Legacy." An article about the death of Imad Mughniyah, by Caroline B. Glick. In the Jewish World Review.

"Holding Islam to Account." In the American Thinker.

"How Hostages, And Nations, Get Liberated." In Real Clear Politics.

"I Am a Lincoln Republican." In the American Thinker.

"Images of Oppression." An article by Fred Thompson, in

IMMIGRATION REFORM - different viewpoints.
"The $64 Billion Dollar Question." In Front Page Magazine.
"American Flag Comes Second." Photos from the Michelle Malkin website.
"A Middle Ground to Immigration." Congressman Mike Pence explains his bill proposal. In the Opinion Journal.
"A Nation of (Legal) Immigrants. In the California Republic.
"A New Consensus on Immigration?" From Albion's Seedlings weblog.
"Beyond Borders." Comprehensive coverage from the Daily (Ontario, California).
"Caesar Chavez: Longtime Foe of Illegal Immigration." From the One Old Vet website.
California Voter Particpation Survey: Latinos. From the California Voter Foundation.
"Cardinal Urges All to Fight Anti-immigration Bill." In the Tidings.
"Conflicting Mandates and the Illegal Alien Problem." From the Family Security Matters website.
Congressman Tom Tancredo: Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. From the House of Representatives website.
"Decoding Immigration Doublespeak." In Front Page Magazine.
"Domestic Terrorist Group Behind Immigrant Rallies." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Down Mexico Way." "Corruption is the reason Mexicans keep coming to America." In the Weekly Standard.
"End of the Melting Pot?" In Harvard Magazine.
"Feds Bust Illegal Immigrant Sex Ring." From the California Republic website.
"Fight for Immigrant Rights." "Ongoing coverage and analysis," from the Socialist Worker Online.
"Fiscal Impact of Immigration.""An Analysis of Costs to 15 Federal Departments and Agencies." This is a 72-page repot in PDF form. Published by The Social Contract.
"Getting Immigration Right." In the American Conservative.
"The Good, the Bad and the Border." In the Daily Inter Lake.
"Great Illegal Immigration Myth of '06." In Human Events. (Contrast this article with "Immigration Bust" below.)
"Guard the Borders--And Face Facts, Too." An article by George Will, in the Jewish World Review.
"Hillary Goes Conservative on Immigration." In the Washington Times.
"Hillary Wants to Build a U.S.-Mexico Fence..." In the New York Daily News.
"Hispanics Find Faith, Charity at Local Churches." In the News Herald.
"History of Immigration." An article by Jorge Majfud (originally published in EcoLatino), from Resource Center of the Americas.
"How About a Little Common Sense on Immigration?" An article by Tony Snow, in Real Clear Politics.
"How 'Bout Media Guest Workers?" An article by Michelle Malkin.
"How Is the Revolution in Yugoslavia Like the Revolution in California?" From the Rumor Mills News Agency.
"How to Grow a Gang." In the Atlantic.
"I.D.'s Stolen for Work a Growing Problem." In the San Francisco Chronicle.
"Illegal Advantage." In the National Review.
"Illegal Aliens: A Few Myths to Keep In Mind." In the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
"Illegal Immigration and Low Wage Labor." In the American Thinker.
"Illegitimate Nation." This is an extensive article on illegitimate births among illegal immigrants. In Front Page Magazine.
"Immigration and Irish Home Rule." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Immigration and the Law." An article by Cal Thomas, in the Jewish World Review.
"Immigration and Usurpation." An article (2006) by Fredo Arias-King, former aide to Vincente Fox Quesada. This is a 12-page document in PDF form, from the Center for Immigration Studies.
"Immigration Bust." An article by Linda Chavez, in (Contrast this article with "Great Immigration Myth of '06" above.)
"Immigration: Catholic Thought on Social Issues." From the Catholic Culture website.
"Immigration: Citizens and Strangers." In First Things.
"Immigration Crisis." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Immigration Divides Nation, Unites Social Workers." In Social Work Today.
"Immigration from Mexico." "Assessing the Impact on the United States." This is a 64-page report in PDF form. Published by the Center for Immigration Studies.
"Immigration in the U.S.--A History Lesson." An article by Tina Griego, with links to several more articles by same writer. In the Rocky Mountain News.
"Immigration Is an Overrated Issue." An article by Tony Snow, in Real Clear Politics.
"Immigration Solutions." An article by Thomas Sowell, in Human Events.
"Is Mexico Reconquering U.S. Southwest?" In World Net Daily.
Justice for Immigrants. "The Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform."
"Latino Voters and Immigration Reform: A Closer Look." In the American Thinker.
"Mahony on Immigration." This is an interview with Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony. In the National Catholic Reporter.
"Mexican Flags Draw Dissent." In the Arizona Republic.
"Mexican Immigration Will Solve Itself." In
"Mexican Political Convention--Coming to L.A." In the California Republic.
"Mexican Women Beg: Close the Border." An article by David Yeagley, in Front Page Magazine.
"Mexifornia, Five Years Later." In the City Journal.
"Mexico Reconquers the U.S." In World Net Daily.
"Myth of the Expensive Border Fence." In the American Thinker.
National Council of La Raza. Immigration topics from NCLR.
"Neglected Truths of the Immigration Debate." In the American Thinker.
"Open Defiance of Immigration Law." In
"Perspectives of an Immigrant's Son." From the Family Security Matters website.
"Random Thoughts on Immigration." In
"Rethinking Illegal Immigration." In Real Clear Politics.
"Scene at the New York Rallies for Immigrant Rights." This is a picture slide-show, in the Village Voice.
"Se Habla Entitlement." An article by Star Parker.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Immigration statements and remarks. From the U.S. Senate website.
Senator Judd Gregg: "Floor Statement on Border Security." From the U.S. Senate website.
Senator Judd Gregg: "Floor Statement on Border Security and Immigration." From the U.S. Senate website.
"Separate and Unequal." In Metro Pulse.
"Socrates and Illegal Immigration." In the Washington Times.
"Status Quo Equals Immigration Woe." In the Christian Science Monitor.
"Student Group Stands by Reconquista Plan." In World Net Daily.
"Tale of Two Sanctuary Cities. An article by Tom Tancredo, in the Washington Times.
"Tancredo Letter to Mexican President Caleron." From the House of Representatives website.
Ted Journal. Senator Kennedy's views on immigration.
"Under Two Flags." This is a four-part series on "Mexican Workers in Washington Fields." In the Seattle Times.
"Universalism vs. Nationalism." An article by James Pinkerton, in Tech Central Station. There is a response to Pinkerton's article: "Immigration and the Nation-State," by Nathan Smith.
"We Agree on Border Security, Don't We?" An article by Charles Krauthammer, in Real Clear Politics.
"Welcome to Reconquista." Photos from the Michelle Malkin website.
"We Want You...To Pick Lettuce for $7.25 an Hour." In the Intellectual Conservative.
"Who Funds Pro-Amnesty ANSWER Group?" In Human Events.
"Why One Illegal Alien Is Worth Six Americans." In the California Republic.
"With Friends Like Arellano, Who Needs Enemies?" An article by Ruben Narvarrette Jr., in the Star Telegram.
You Don't Speak for Me. "American Hispanic Voices Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration."

India & Pakistan: Fifty Years of Independence. Basic introduction to the history and politics of these two countries. From CNN Interactive.

"In Iraq, U.S. Troops Widen Role as Soldier-Teacher." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"Interview with Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Kyrill." In der Spiegel.

"Iran's Nuclear Ambitions." This is an In Depth report in the Financial Times.

"Iraq Anti-War Movement: A Pop Quiz for Americans." In the American Thinker.

IRAQI ELECTION (JAN. 2005) - a selection of opinion articles.
"A Realigning Election." In the Weekly Standard.
"Birth of a Democracy." In the Weekly Standard.
"Letter from Riyadh." In the National Review.

IRAQI ELECTION (DEC. 2005) - a selection of opinion articles.
"Can It Be? Democracy Working?" An article by William F. Buckley, in the National Review.
"Iraqi Democracy 3, Terrorists 0." In Real Clear Politics.
"Iraqi Vote Draws Big Turnout of Sunnis. In the Washington Post.
"Sunnis and Iraqi Constitution." In the Arab News.
"Why Not Support Democracy?" In the National Review.

"Iraq in Crisis." This is an In-Depth report in the Financial Times.

"Iraq: Intelligence, Facts, and Fantasies." Transcript of an interview with Senator Jon Kyl; moderated by Helen Fessenden. From the Council on Foreign Relations website.

"Iraq in the Balance." An article by Fouad Ajami, in the Opinion Journal.

"Iraq Is the War on Terror." In the National Review.

"Iraqi WMD Mystery Solved." In Front Page Magazine.

Iraq Special Weapons. "Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Missile Proliferation News." Provided by the Federation of American Scientists.

Iraq's Uncertain Path. Learn about the Shiites and other ethnic groups. A Special Report in the Great Falls Tribune.

"Iraq: The Untold Truths." Accessed from the website of Senator Jon Kyl.

Iraq Timeline. From the Infoplease website.

"Islam and the West: Lines of Demarcation." In Azure.

"Islamic Double Standards." In World Net Daily.

"Islamic Version of Orwell's '1984' Is Upon Us." An article by Dr. Phyllis Chesler, in the Chesler Chronicles.

"Islamists=Bible Heroes?" In Front Page Magazine.

"Islam's Global War against Christianity." In the American Thinker.

"Islam's Seeds of Self-Destruction." In the American Daily.

Israel at War. Full coverage from YNet News.

"Jihadists Find Convenient Base in Bosnia." From Cybercast News Service.

"Journalists as Enablers." In the American Thinker.

"Knowing the Enemy." "How to cope with global jihad." From the Hoover Institute.

"Lawyers Will Sap Our Will to Combat Terrorism." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Lessons of the Roman Empire for America Today." From the Heritage Foundation.

"Let Bin Laden Stay Free." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Libya Declares Chemical Weapons." In the BBC News.

"Life of the Prophet Muhammad." In the Arab News.

"Lincoln Through British Eyes." In the Opinion Journal.

"London Bridges Are Falling Down." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"London Girl with a Plan to Save Syria." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Moor's Last Laugh." "Radical Islam finds a haven in Europe." In the Opinion Journal.

"More Than Enough Evidence." "What George Tenet Really Says about Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda." In the Weekly Standard.

Most Wanted Terrorists. Provided by the FBI.

"Mother of All Questions." "A special report on the new evidence of collaboration between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Al-Qaeda." In the Weekly Standard.

"Mubarak Urges Christian-Muslim Unity." In the Arab News.

"Back to the Old 9/11 World." An article by Victor Davis Hanson, from Private Papers.
"Indian Elis React to News of Mumbai Attacks." In the Yale Daily News.
"Meaning of Mumbai." An article by Thomas Sowell, in
"Mumbai Strategy." In the City Journal.
"Mumbai Terrorists Sought to Undermine the Whole Indian State." In the Telegraph (U.K.).
"Phone Transcripts...Indicate Gunmen Not Acting Alone. From FOX News.
"Terrorists Attacking Mumbai Have Global Agenda." In the Yale Global Online.
"Two Days of Terror in Mumbai." This is a Photo Essay (20 photos) from Time magazine.

"Murderous Monotheists." In the Weekly Standard.

"Myths of the Iraq War." From the Strategy Page website.

"Narcoterrorism Needs Attention." In the St. Petersburg Times (Florida).

"Never Again?" An article by Charles Krauthammer, in the Washington Post.

"Never Forget: They Kept Lots of Slaves." In the National Review.

"New Breed of Terrorism?" An article by David A. Yeagley, in Front Page Magazine.

"The Night I Caught Saddam." "An Iraqi who worked with U.S. special forces tells Alex Leith how he wrestled with the dictator after flushing him from his hiding hole." In the Times Online (U.K.).

North Korea Special Collection. Website on the key issues regarding nuclear power in North Korea. Provided by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

Oil for Food. This is an explanation of the United Nations Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, with a number of related links. Provided by Wikipedia.
"Oil-for-Food Audits Reveal Sevan as Mysterious Manager." An article by Claudia Rosett and George Russell. From FOX News.
"Oil-for-Food Programme: Closing the Cycle." From the MEMRI website.
"Saddam's $2m Offer to WMD Inspector." In the Telegraph (U.K.).
Sentencing Memoranda on Oscar Wyatt. This is the U.S. District Court's sentencing memo, 43 pages in PDF form, on Texas oil tycoon, Oscar Wyatt, who plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the U.N. Oil-for-Food program . Accessed from The Rosett Report blog.
"Timeline: Oil-for-Food Scandal." In the BBC News.
"UN Confronts Its Biggest Scandal." In The Age.
"UN Knew of Saddam's Oil for Food Thefts." In The Age.
"UN Oil for Food Scandal." Full coverage from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies website. Includes articles by Claudia Rosett.

"Oklahoma City Bombing: Was There A Foreign Connection?" This is a Report from the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. From the website of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. Comprehensive website on how your community can prevent terrorism.

"Ours to Lose." In the National Review.

"Pakistan's Political Crisis." This is an in-depth report from the BBC News.

"Path to Republican Revival." In Commentary Magazine.

"Poor Memorial." "Insult to injury: Looking at the real problem behind the pseudo-solutions at ground zero." In the Village Voice.

Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Irish Bishops. From ZENIT.

"American Pope." In Time Magazine.
"Benedict Is Installed as Pope." Full coverage in the BBC News.
"Dictatorship of Relativism Homily:" Full text. From the Roman Catholic Blog (scroll down the page).
"Last European Pope?" In the Weekly Standard.
"The Man Who Was Ratzinger." In the New Oxford Review.
"Pope Benedict XVI." Full coverage from the Catholic Resources for Educators website.

Full Text of Speech. From Catholic World News.
"Islamist's War." An article by Linda Chavez, in
"Jihad, the Lord's Supper, and Eternal Life." In the Asia Times.
"Socrates or Muhammad?" In the Weekly Standard.
"Unholy Alliance Roles Over the Pope." In Front Page Magazine.

"Pope Benedict in the Lion's Den." In Real Clear Politics.
"Western Civ 101." In the Opinion Journal.

"Benedict Believes in American Integrity." From the Acton Institute.
"Out of Step." In the National Review.
"Pope Benedict's Message to the American People." An article by Fr. Roger J. Landry.
Pope Benedict's U.N. Speech. In the National Review.
"Something Good This Way Comes." In the National Review.
U.S. Papal Visit. Website provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"An Influential Pope." Full coverage from
"John Paul II and His Successor." An article by the Very Reverend John Hopko.
"Pope John Paul II." Full coverage from the Catholic Resources for Educators website.
"Unsolicited Advice for the Church." In the American Thinker.

"Post-Modern Terrorism." An article by Dr. Earl Tilford. From the Defense of Democracies website.

"Preachers of Hate." An interview with Kenneth Timmerman, in Front Page Magazine.

"President They Love to Hate." An article on American presidents who were hated: Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"Preventing Terrorism: Assessing the Nation's Progress." You can access the report on the "...Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism."

"Profile: Shoko Asahara." In the BBC News.

"Progress in Iraq." An article (2004) by Oliver North, in the Washington Times.

"Proving Saddam's WMD's." This is a symposium from Front Page Magazine.

"Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat." This is a 90-page report in PDF form. Prepared by the NYPD Intelligence Division.

"Rebellion Within." "An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism." In the New Yorker.

"Rebuilding Iraq." This is a Special Report (2004) in the Washington Times.

"...Rediscovering the Will to Win." In the Jerusalem Post.

"Remarks of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 2006 DLC National Conversation." Senator Clinton talks about the American Dream Initiative and the middle class.

Response to Terrorism. News and documents regarding American diplomacy and policy. Provided by the U.S. Department of State.

"Revisiting the Case for Invasion." An article by Charles Krauthammer, in Real Clear Politics.

"...Right Strategy for a Dangerous World." In the Seattle Times.

"Right War for the Right Reasons." In the Weekly Standard.

"Road from Tashkent to the Taliban." An article on the importance of Uzbekistan as a U.S. ally. In the National Review.

"Analysis: The Hostage-Takers." In the BBC News.
"Moslems vs. the World." In the Israel National News.
"Terror Teaches Russia a Lesson." In the Toledo Blade.

"Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection." Accessed from the Liberty Post.

"Saddam and al-Qaeda." In the American Thinker.

"Saddam and the French Connection." In the Scotsman.

Saddam Hussein Captured. A Special Report from

Saddam Hussein Sourcebook. Information from declassified documents on the U.S.-Iraqi relationship. From the National Security Archive website.

Saddam Iraq Connection. Information from the website of Melanie Phillips.

"Conflicts Shaped Two Presidencies." In the Washington Post.
"Few Mourn the Monster Who Brought His Country to Ruin." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"Nightmare Is Gone for Locals Who Fled Iraq." In the Seattle Times.
"Only Stupid, Sadistic Dictators Hang..." In the Telegraph (U.K.).
"Saddam Defiant to Very End." In the Seattle Times.
"Saddam Hussein Death: Resources for Journalists." From Poynter Online.
"Saddam Hussein--Obituary." In the Times Online (U.K.).
"With Saddam's Death Comes a Ray of Hope." In the Telegraph (U.K.).

"Saddam's al Qaeda Connection." In the Weekly Standard.

"Saddam's Delusions: The View From the Inside." From the Council on Foreign Relations.

"Saddam's Secrets." An article by Melanie Phillips.

"Saddam's WMD and Russia." In Front Page Magazine.

"Saddam's WMD." An article by Peter Hoekstra and Rick Santorum, in the Opinion Journal.

"Saudi Women Are Making Strides: Crown Prince." In the Arab News.

"Seeds of Jihad." In the American Thinker.

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil." "What the 9/11 commission left out: Iraqis." In the Weekly Standard.

Senator Joe Lieberman. Interesting interview (2003) in which Lieberman justifies the war in Iraq, from a Democrat's point of view. Provided by the Hardball: Battle for the White House series (MSNBC).

Senator John McCain to John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies." From the U.S. Senate website.

"Silence on the Arab Street." "Muslims oppress Muslims, and dictators shrug." In the Opinion Journal.

Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why? This is a 186-page document in PDF form, published in 1999 by the Library of Congress.

"Sovreignty Equals Responsibility." In the National Review.

"Spirit of Che Rises Again..." In the Guardian (U.K.).

"Stuff of Democratic Life." "Lincoln, Gettysburg and Thanksgiving." In the Opinion Journal.

SUICIDE BOMBERS - a selection of explanatory articles.
"Female Suicide Bombers: Dying to Kill." In the National Geographic News.
"Girl Suicide Bombers." In Slate.
"Logic of Suicide Terrorism." In the Atlantic Monthly.
"Suicide Bombers: The 'Just War' Debate, Islamic Style." In Religion-Online.
"Terrorists and Suicide Attacks." A CRS Report for Congress.
"They Tried to Make Me a Suicide Bomber." Posted by the Free Republic.

"The Surge and Success," Part 1 and Part 2. From the blog of Diana West.

"Surgeons Here Will Help Right a Terrible Wrong." "Iraqis mutilated by Saddam seek care." In the Houston Chronicle.

"Targeting Human Rights Abuse in Iran: A Postelection Strategy." From the Transatlantic Institute.

"Terrorism Has No Nationality: Fahd." In the Arab News.

"Rebels Bring Terror to Thai School." In The Age.
"Silent Witness." In Time magazine.
"Terrorism in Thailand: Tech and Tactics Savvy." From the South Asia Analysis Group.
"Terrorists Shatter Thai Peace." In The Australian.

"Terrorism's Latest Victim." In the American Thinker.

"Terrorism Trends: Old and New." In the Weekly Standard.

"Terrorists Target Hotels Again--This Time in Jarkata." From the South Asia Analysis Group.

"Terror Threat at Home, Often Overlooked." In the Christian Science Monitor.

"This Generation of Giants." An article on Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Lee Kuan Yew. In the Times Online (U.K.).

"This Is What Happens When You Defy the Zimbabwe Government." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"...Three Cheers for Germany's Patriotism." In the Times Online (U.K.).

"Tourist Jihad in Egypt." In Human Events.

"Understanding the Conflict." An introduction to terrorism's history and politics. In the Seattle Times.

"Vietnam War: Choices That Defined a Generation." In the Seattle Times.

"We Must Stand Strong with Allies and Confront Iran." This is a speech by Mitt Romney, accessed in Real Clear Politics.

"We've Bailed Out the Banks. When Do We Go After the Crooks Behind Our Financial Collapse?" In the Village Voice.

"What I Saw in Iraq." An article by Senator Joe Lieberman, in the Opinion Journal.

"When Hatred Is Necessary." In the Boston Globe.

"When Political Correctness Trumps Reason." An article by Ed Koch, in Real Clear Politics.

"Who Is Lying About Iraq?" An article by Cal Thomas, in the Washington Times.

"Who Thought Iraq Had WMD? Most Everybody." In

"Why the Left Doesn't Blame Muslims for Muslim Violence." An article by Dennis Prager, in Front Page Magazine.

"Why We Went to War." An article by Robert Kagan and William Kristol, in the Weekly Standard.

"WMD Scandal." An article by Melanie Phillips.

"Words That Don't Matter." "Preemption is a concept as old as the Greeks." An article by Victor Davis Hanson, in the National Review.

"World's Poor Denied the Tools of Capitalism." An article by Hernando de Soto, in the Seattle Times.

"Worst of Intentions." "What Saddam's Iraq was up to." In the Weekly Standard.

September 11th First Anniversary

9/11 One Year On. In The Age.

Our Changed World. In the Houston Chronicle.

Tragedy Revisited. This presentation has to be navigated from the next button at lower right of each page. In the Arab News.

September 11th Second Anniversary

9/11: A Shock to History. In the Australian.

America Rebuilds. A PBS presentation.

Bagpipers and Drummers Carry Flag to Ground Zero. In the Sydney Morning Herald.

Children of Victims Mark September 11 Anniversary. In the Seattle Times.

Cincinnati Remembers 9-11. In the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Great Divide. In the National Review.

Pentagon Windows Honor 9-11 Victims. In the Stars and Stripes.

Two Years After: Light Amid the Dark. In the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Two Years Later. A Special Report in the Washington Post.

September 11th Third Anniversary

3 Years Later: Deliverance Elusive. In the Washington Post.

Around the Nation, Millions Recall That Day of Darkness. In the San Francisco Chronicle.

At Ground Zero, an Epic American Story Still Has No Ending. In the Seattle Times.

For the Orphans, a Nightmare Forever. In The Age.

Gallantry and Valor. In the National Review.

Jihad in Chaos. In the National Review.

Remember 9/11? In the National Review.

Sept.11, Three Years Later: Day of Rallies, Reflection. In the Seattle Times.

Three Years Later, Where We Stand in the War Against Terrorism. In the Seattle Times.

September 11th Fourth Anniversary

"Attacks Changed Our Lives." In The Age.

"How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11." In Front Page Magazine.

"Quest For National Security." In the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Sept. 11 Memories Loom Large in Face of Gulf's Disaster." In the Toledo Blade.

"...Tomorrow's Architects Will Move Beyond Barriers of Time, Space and Function." From the Cornell University News Service.

"Westchester Housewife." In the Opinion Journal.

"World War III: Four Years and Counting." In Front Page Magazine.

September 11th Fifth Anniversary

"A Conspiracy Against Us All." In the National Review.

A Poem. In the American Thinker.

Articles on September 11th. Articles in the English language written by Islamic thinkers. From the Masud.Co.Uk website.

"Five Years Safe." In the National Review.

"I Just Called to Say I Love You." In the Opinion Journal.

"Milestone No. 5." In the Washington Times.

"No to Terrorism." In the Arab News.

"Patriotism Faded." In the National Review.

President's Address to the Nation. From the White House website.

"Remembering How the War Began." In the National Review.

"Remembering the 'Blessed Terror.'" In the Washington Times.

"Sept. 11, the Day That Coexistence Died." In

"War on Terror at Five." In Front Page Magazine.

September 11th Sixth Anniversary

"9/11 Linked to Iraq, in Politics if Not in Fact." In the Washington Post.

"...But the City's Spirit Is a Lasting Inspiration." In the New York Daily News.

"Forget 9/11 at Our Peril." In the Jewish World Review.

"Inspired by the Nazis." In

"John Doe in Post-9/11 America." In the National Review.

"Killing for Faith or Fun?" In

"Remembering the Unforgettable."In the American Thinker.

"The Way We Were." In the American Thinker.

"We Must Always Remember." In the New York Daily News.

"Why the Left Must Deny 9/11." In the American Thinker.

September 11th Seventh Anniversary

"9/11: Horror, Heroism, and History." From the blog of Cinnamon Stillwell.

"9/11 Is a Story of the People." In the New York Daily News.

"From 9/11 to 11/4: How Soon We Forget." In the Wall Street Journal.

"Terrorists Are Losing." In the American Spectator.

"Terrorism Fades as Issue in 2008 Campaign." In the Washington Post.

September 11th Eighth Anniversary

"9/11 and the 'Good War.'" In the Wall Street Journal.

"Eight Years and Many Still Don't Get It." In the American Thinker.

"Eight Years Later: America Remembers 9/11." This is a photo gallery of twelve recent photographs. From the Talking Points Memo website.

"Every 9/11 Anniversary a Reminder of Grief, Healing." In the Los Angeles Times.

"Honoring September 11th: Saved." From the Big Hollywood blog.

"I Remember." In the American Thinker.

"RIP, American Political Civility." In the Philadelphia Daily News.

"Teaching 9/11." In the Washington Post.

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